Parola Italian language school offers a short language course that offers the basics of Italian to cope with Italian social life and daily needs

Survival Italian Language Course at Parola in Florence

A Brief, Fun and Very Useful Language Program in Florence

Parola Italian language school offers a quick and extremely productive course of basic Italian language which is taught in a single day. This short course is designed to give some basic rules and frequently-used Italian sentences to allow a visitor to “survive” in Italy for a brief visit. Our very short language course consists of 2 hours of conversation in Italian followed by a 2-hour walking tour using the basics of situational spoken Italian.

This language course can be customized for anyone who would like to learn basic phrases of Italian as well as tips on correct pronunciation followed by a short orientation tour of the historic center of Florence.

Fee for “Survival Italian” in Florence

100 euro, the price of this course is inclusive of the additional activities offered to the students of Parola Italian language school.


What Does Our Survival Language Course Include?

  • Photocopies created by Parola school
  • 2-hour instruction of helpful phrases in Italian language
  • 2-hour orientation tour of Florence
  • List of activities available in Florence
  • Reservation service for the Florentine museums
  • Use of Parola School’s computers and books for further study

Contact Parola Italian Language School

Please contact our Italian language school in Florence for further information regarding our Survival Italian course or any of our other course offerings in Florence.