Dates of Parola’s Italian Language Courses

Starting Days of Our Italian Courses for Beginners

Please have a look at our starting days for absolute beginners. Listed below are the monthly dates for courses with students with little to no knowledge of the Italian language.

Students who are complete beginners in the Italian language may choose from our available monthly dates to begin an Italian language course in Florence.

Dates of Our Online Italian Courses

Parola school is also holding online Italian courses, privately or with a group of students (max. 5 participants).

Call +39 055 242182 or write to for further information on the starting dates of our digital Italian language courses.

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Dates for Students with Sufficient Knowledge of Italian

Students who have already started studying Italian on their own or have sufficient knowledge of Italian can begin an Italian language course at Parola school any day of the week.

Contact Parola for further information if you are not a beginner.

Parola’s Individual courses can start on any day of the week.

2022 Starting Dates of Our Language Courses for Beginners

Listed below are the starting dates for the year 2022 for Italian language students who are absolute beginners.

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Note: if you would like to start a language course for absolute beginners on a date that is not listed, do not hesitate to contact our school.

Note: if there is a minimum of 3 students, our institute can organize a group Italian language course for beginners in the afternoon.

Note: have a look at the fixed dates for CILS exam preparation courses for 2022 as well.

Please contact us to determine whether or not your course level is available for your desired starting date.

Starting Dates for Individual Courses in Florence

Individual courses are also available in order to maximize your study time. All individual courses can start each weekday, any week of the year.

Very importantly, Parola also offers online private Italian lessons to guarantee the Italian language learning comfortably from the student’s home. 

Please contact Parola Italian language school for further information and to set a start date for your individual language program in Florence.

Starting Dates of Parola’s Online Italian Classes

The starting dates to begin an online Italian course are easy to know. In fact, if the student wants to take a private language lesson online, it is possible to start at any time.

Instead, in case the student wants to take part in a virtual Italian language class with a small group of students, it is possible to start each Monday.

Course Dates for Absolute Beginners in Montecatini Terme

Our Italian courses in Montecatini are exclusively individual lessons, which can be taken on-site and online. These programs offer flexible starting dates, meeting times, and specialized material to meet the needs of the student.

Parola recommends that you contact our office for further information about the dates of our one-on-one courses in Montecatini.

Exam Dates of the CILS Certification in 2022

Parola Italian language institute is an authorized language center for the CILS exam in Florence.

Please look at the preset dates listed below for the semi-annual CILS examinations.

Contact us for more information about the starting dates for the CILS exam preparation programs.

The 2022 CILS Examinations will take place at Parola school (and worldwide) on:

17 febbraio 2022CILS immigratiB1 Cittadinanza
07 aprile 2022CILS variB1 Cittadinanza
31 maggio 2022CILS tuttiA1-A2 Integrazione
B1 Cittadinanza
A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 Standard
21 luglio 2022CILS immigratiB1 Cittadinanza
20 ottobre 2022CILS variB1 Cittadinanza
15 dicembre 2022CILS tuttiA2 Integrazione
A1-A2 Integrazione
B1 Cittadinanza
A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 Standard

Starting Dates for The Italian Pronunciation Classes

The Italian pronunciation courses at Parola are specially tailored to fit the needs of the students. Therefore, we offer flexibility in our pronunciation course start dates. Most importantly, the student can take them online from home as well.

Please, contact us for more information about the starting dates of Parola’s pronunciation courses in Florence or online.

Contact Parola School for More Information on Our Starting Courses

For further information, please contact Parola Italian language school.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions concerning the dates of our Italian courses, both in Florence and online.