Get to know the grammar levels of the Italian language programs at Parola school

Italian Grammar Levels in Our Language Courses

Italian Language Levels at Parola School in Florence

Parola Italian language school provides 6 Italian language levels plus an additional option for students who want to achieve the most advanced level – the CILS Certificate certified by the University of Siena.

All of the Parola Italian language levels can normally be covered in 8 months (6 months for Italian courses + 2 months for the CILS certification).

Our international language students can also request additional lessons of Italian pronunciation to extend the course to a total of 9 months of Italian language learning in Florence.

Parola Italian Language school provides students with 6 grammar levels which are set according to the European Union rules concerning the study and comprehension of a foreign language.

European Language Framework For Languages

The Common European Framework identifies three broad sectors of expertise – “Basic”, “Autonomy” and “Mastery” – each of which are divided into two levels, for a total of six levels.

This official language framework describes in detail an individual’s ability and competence in each of these specific areas:

  • reading comprehension (understanding written assignments)
  • listening (comprehension of spoken language)
  • writing and speaking skills (written and oral communication ability)

Informal Language Test on the First Day at School

In order to place the student in the appropriate Italian language level, on the first day of class Parola Italian school provides an informal Italian language test in its headquarters of Florence.

Basic Courses (Levels 1-3)

The “Threshold Level” is divided into three grades according to the guidelines of the Language Project for Cultural Cooperation of the Council of Europe. Italy has accepted these same educational parameters.

“Elementary Course”- A1

The gateway to the Italian language, this course is indispensable for basic communication skills. To begin at the school, we offer the semi-intensive Italian language course “Andante”.
PROGRAM: This course covers the indicative mode (present and past perfect) as well as the essential parts of speech needed to build sentences. Special emphasis is placed on phonetics. Everyday situations are recreated in class.
CERTIFICATE: Certificate – A1

“Intermediate Course” – A2 – B1

This course builds on the basic elements to enable the student to actively participate in conversations. For this level of proficiency, a good Italian language course to choose is the Intensive course “Allegro”.
PROGRAM: The grammar topics cover more complex manners of speech including: simple and compound conditional, simple past, past, and perfect. Also, indirect pronouns and combined pronouns are utilized. We cover sequences of tenses using the indicative mode. Commonly used idioms and expressions are used in class.
CERTIFICATE: Certificate A2 – B1

“Advanced Course” – B1 – B2

This course introduces the student to tools that permit a full and well-defined range of expressions. A good Italian language course for this objective is the Italian language course “Allegro”.
PROGRAM: The student learns the subjunctive mode, the imperative mode, and the sequence of tenses. The course is taught with wide scale use of mass media materials such as radio, internet, and newspapers.
CERTIFICATE: Mastery of Language B1 – B2

Specialization Course Levels (4-6)

These Italian courses lead to the discovery and use of a rich, vibrant and up-to-date Italian, that also reflects the students’ personality.

Upper Course 1- B2

This course delves deeper into the main aspects of grammar. An excellent Italian language course to achieve this goal is the “Allegro” language program.
PROGRAM: The teacher establishes correlations between grammar and syntax and pursues the goal of correct usage in everyday language. Included is the discussion of the language of the media as well as the use of synonyms and neologisms.
CERTIFICATE: Upper Course 1- B2

“Upper Course 2” – C1

This course is the logical continuation and of the “Upper Course 1.” With the 4-hour individual course “Maestoso,” a student can make excellent progress.
PROGRAM: Grammar and syntax are reinforced so that students are able to express themselves in modern, colloquial Italian. Distinctions are made between levels of communication by understanding and using sequences of tenses in the indicative and subjunctive modes.
CERTIFICATE: Upper Course 2 – C1

“Upper Course 3”- C2

This course adds the “final touches” to the student’s knowledge and perfects both oral and written expression. A one-to-one Italian language course “Brio” would be good to achieve this level as well as the super-intensive course “Molto Allegro.”
PROGRAM: After this course, the student’s communication skills enable him or her to participate fully in Italian lifestyle. The course covers political language and the influence of dialects. The student is able to deal intensively with written and oral Italian. The student continues to personalize his or her knowledge of Italian with the goal by the end of the course – to “think” in Italian.
CERTIFICATE: Diploma “Parola” – C2

Grammar Level Flexibility in Individual Italian Courses

The grammar levels at our Italian language school can be tailored for each person in the individual Italian course at Parola. For example, it is possible to begin with an intensive 1st level program of study for one week, followed by additional more advanced Italian grammar levels scheduled according to the student’s needs.

Further Information About Our Italian Levels

For more information regarding Italian grammar levels of the language courses offered by Parola School in the heart of Florence, please contact our office.