CILS Certificate in Florence at Parola School

Officially Accredited CILS Exam Center in Florence

Parola Italian language school is officially authorized by the University of Siena as an exam center for the CILS certificate in Italy and valid worldwide.

A lot of foreign language students have chosen our school for the CILS preparation courses or to obtain a certificate that can be applicable all over the world for all purposes.

Italian CILS Examination Details

The CILS exam takes place twice a year throughout Italy in June and December.

The University of Siena verifies the CILS Certification, as well as the authorized exam locations, and sets the 2 exam dates each year.

The certified CILS location will receive the corrected exams of the CILS students, will notify the student, and subsequently send the original CILS certificate.

CILS Exam and Preparation Course at Parola School

The CILS preparatory program prepares students to obtain the official certification of Italian as a second language (Certificato di Italiano come Lingua Straniera – CILS).

The CILS examination is administered at our headquarters in the historic center of Florence or with our online Italian courses from home. 

For further information on the CILS program at our school, please contact us via email or call us at +39 055 242182.

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CILS Preparatory Course at Parola School in Florence

Parola offers two separate courses of lessons for the CILS examination at our school in the center of Florence. The course price includes extra materials and comprehensive media for learning Italian as a second language.

There are time limits in effect during the official CILS exam. Therefore, in the preparation classes at Parola Italian language school students practice with time constraints on all CILS exercises.

Very importantly, our CILS Preparation program focuses on four main areas of knowledge:

  • comprehension
  • conversation skills
  • grammar exercises
  • text reading
Girls in an Italian language class in Florence

The CILS Preparatory Sessions at Parola School in Florence

The preparation courses offered at Parola coincide with the worldwide CILS examination dates in June and December.

  • The first session begins the first week of April and concludes at the end of May in preparation for the CILS exam in June
  • The second session begins the first week of October and concludes at the end of November in preparation for the CILS exam in December

    Terms of Payment and For the CILS Exam Registration

    Note that the payment and registration for the CILS must be made 40 days before the CILS exam takes place.

    IMPORTANT: payments after that deadline will not be accepted by Parola school or the University of Siena.

    Our Evening Program For CILS preparation

    Our evening program for CILS preparation is generally an individual, intensive, course taken by those who work or study during the day and wish to prepare for the CILS examination after their daily commitments.

    In addition, the price is 15 euros per hour in a group course (2 students or more) and 27 euros per hour for the individual lessons. Contact us for further information.

    Italian CILS Preparation Course Prices And Duration

    CILS teaching hours

    Flexibility is guaranteed for group and individual courses. Our preparation courses can be attended both in the morning and in the afternoon.

    For further information, please contact our secretary at 055 242182 or e-mail us at

    CILS Course Levels According to The Italian Education Board

    Following are the CILS levels according to the Italian Board of Education

    Basic Comprehension

    Independent Comprehension

    Competent Comprehension

    Exam Dates For The CILS in the Year 2021

    There are 2 dates each year to take an Italian language CILS exam: one at the beginning of June and the other at the start of December.

    Exam dates for 2021 are as follows:

    • June 10, 2021
    • December 2, 2021

    Registration Fees For The CILS Exam

    Tuition fees provided by the University of Siena for the CILS exam.

    To register you can contact our school or send us the official registration form of the University of Siena.

    Contact Parola For Further Information On The CILS Preparatory Course

    If you are interested in the CILS preparation course or examination in Florence, please contact Parola Italian language school via email for further information or call us at +39 055 242182.