Italian and Painting Classes in Florence

Learn Italian While Studying Painting Techniques at Parola School

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Florence while honing your artistic skills? Our unique painting technique course, offered in the afternoons, allows you to learn Italian while exploring the world of painting.

Parola Italian language school of Florence offers a painting technique course in the afternoon, twice a week, which can be combined with any of our Italian language courses in the historic center of Florence.

Our painting course may be taken by itself or combined with any of our Italian courses, as one of our supplementary class in Florence. Please note that Parola language institute also offers Italian and fashion.

Italian Language in the Morning and Painting in the Afternoon

Parola school’s painting course is offered in the afternoon after 2 pm in an art institute near our language school in Florence. Therefore, this school program allows the painting course to easily be combined with all levels of our Italian language classes.

Alternate times and individual training may also be available for the painting courses upon request.

Example of a Combination of Painting and Italian Learning Course

These examples below are how are Italian and Painting Courses are structured:

  • Three or five mornings per week, participate in the Italian language lessons either in a group or an individual class;
  • As for the art class, two afternoons per week, take lessons in the painting technique, which is taught in an art institute in Florence.
Drawing and acquerello of flowers

Parola’s Painting Lessons in Florence Focus on Technique

Our painting course can accommodate both the absolute beginner and intermediate skill levels while providing students with relevant painting techniques and learning Italian.

Our teachers encourage the development of students’ styles by offering painting both inside a classroom as well as outdoors.

Prices of The Painting Courses in Florence

Group Lessons

When combining painting lessons with learning Italian, the prices below will be added to the fee of whichever specific language course you choose. A minimum of 3 students are required for group painting courses.

Note: Please visit our course prices for the language course options in Florence.

Please, note that the cost of the materials is not included in the course fee. The teacher will give suggestions regarding where to purchase the necessary materials.

One-on-One Painting Lessons with Parola in Florence

Parola school also offers individual painting lessons, priced at €40 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours.

Contact Parola Italian language school in Florence for help arranging the best course for you.

Materials For The Painting Technique Course at Parola School

The painting instructor will provide detailed information on the necessary materials during class.

Why Take a Painting Course in Florence?

For students who love painting and art, a painting course in Florence is a “must.” Historically, the achievements in Italian art are immense and renowned all over the world. For this reason, Florence has always been an excellent city for studying visual arts.

Enrollment for Our Painting Technique Course and Italian

For further information, please write Parola Italian language school. We will promptly answer your questions concerning our Italian courses and activities in Florence.

Don’t forget that you can enroll in Parola’s painting courses in the historic center of Florence by filling out the registration form or by contacting our Italian language school directly at +39 055 242182.

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