Italian and Drawing Classes in Florence at Parola

Study Italian and Learn How to Draw in Florence

Are you ready to embark on a unique learning experience in the charming city of Florence? At Parola School, we offer a one-of-a-kind combination of a technical drawing course and an Italian language course.

Parola Italian language school offers a drawing technique course two afternoons per week which can be combined with any of our Italian language courses in the historic center of Florence.

Parola also provides a light drawing course for Au Pairs in Tuscany. Moreover, our language institute can also offer a painting course with its Italian and art classess.

About Our Drawing Courses in Florence

Our drawing program in Florence aims to provide students with a rational method to depict the human figure, as this subject remains one of the most complex models of artistic study.

The foundation of the methodology is supported by the study of freehand drawing and supplemented by a program of exercises to be completed outside of class. This makes monitoring student progress more effective.

Along with the guidance of the professor, students may decide to study either classical or contemporary freehand drawing techniques. Students may even choose to learn to draw cartoons and comics.

Our drawing professor teaches students how to achieve the sensitivity of lines, composition, shape, and proportion with the following skills:

  • Freehand drawing of static objects
  • Freehand drawing of shapes of the body and head
  • Freehand drawing of figures in space
  • Freehand drawing in movement
Au Pair students in a drawing course

Italian Language in The Morning And Drawing in the Afternoon

Parola Italian Language School’s drawing technique course is usually offered in the afternoon.

This schedule allows the drawing course to easily be combined with all levels of our Italian language courses.

Alternate times and individual training may also be available for the drawing courses upon request.

For example: 

  • Three or five mornings per week, participate in the Italian language lessons either in a group or an individual class
  • Two afternoons per week, take lessons in the drawing technique lessons

Parola’s Drawing Lessons in Florence Focus on Technique

Our drawing course can be structured to focus on either classical or modern techniques.

Our drawing course is able to provide both the absolute beginner and intermediate levels while providing students with the most relevant drawing techniques together with learning Italian.

Our teachers encourage the development of the students’ individual styles by offering drawing both inside a classroom as well as outdoors.

Prices of The Drawing Courses in Florence


To combine drawing with learning Italian, the prices below would be added to the fee of whichever specific language course you choose.

Note: Please visit our course prices for the language course options in Florence.

Materials For The Drawing Technique Course at Parola School

Parola recommends that students bring drawing paper and pencils to class on their first day.

The instructor will provide more information on the necessary materials during class.

Why Take a Drawing Course in Florence?

For students who love drawing and art, a drawing course in Florence is a “must.” Historically, the achievements in Italian art are immense and renowned all over the world.

Follow in the footsteps of the great Italian artists, from Leonardo to Botticelli and Michelangelo, by beginning your art education with the fundamentals of drawing.

Florence has always been an outstanding city for visual arts. The artistic culture of Florence has been retained in the works of many contemporary artists who learned from their masters and continue to raise the high standard of Italian art today.

Enrollment For Our Drawing Technique Course

You can enroll in Parola’s drawing courses by filling out the registration form or contacting Parola Italian language school directly.

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