Italian Language Courses and Fashion Lessons in Florence

Italian Language Courses Combined with Fashion in Florence

Parola Italian language school offers fashion lessons, two afternoons per week, (4 hours a week) in combination with any of our Italian language courses held in the historic center of Florence.

Our fashion course allows students to discover the most relevant moments in fashion history, from the eighteenth century to contemporary fashion trends. Naturally, the topic focus will be on Italian fashion.

Parola’s fashion course includes a session dedicated to the influence of current Italian fashion on the rest of the world and visits to relevant Florentine fashion destinations such as the Gucci or Ferragamo Museums to discover the authentic Florentine influence on global style.

Students will discover how history, art, culture, and technology have influenced the creation of new silhouettes, styles, and trends.

Interesting Combination of Fashion and Italian Language

Our fashion course in Florence includes Italian language learning (10 hours per week). Parola institute offers 4 hours a week of “History of Fashion,” focused mainly on Italian fashion.

Please note that the program for our fashion classes can be from 4 hours to 16 hours in a month, shopping tours included.

The Goal of Our Fashion History Course in Florence

At the end of this fashion course, students will have a complete understanding of the fashion industry and the most important designers of the last century.

Students and teachers will also discuss issues such as sociology, gender, and identity in fashion.

Our Italian language and fashion program include interactive lessons that show paintings, fashions, photographs, and films related to Italian fashion history. Students will also visit important fashion museums in Florence.

Most importantly, there will be fashion tours of Florentine shops to have a hands-on experience of style and culture.

Our Fashion Teacher and Industry Professional in Florence

Parola’s Italian fashion courses are taught by Alice Cozzi, a fashion industry professional with an MA in Fashion from the University of Florence, and doctoral candidate at the University of Reading, and the founder of Florence Fashion Tour.

Most importantly, FFT is a company that organizes personal shopping tours and image consulting services in the center of Florence.

In addition to that, Alice has taught a variety of courses throughout her career, from Fashion History to Digital Marketing for Fashion.

If you have any requests, regarding any specific course, please contact FFT or call +39 338 3823126.

Alice Cozzi. Italian fashion teacher in Florence

Program of Our Fashion History Course in Florence

Our fashion program covers the most essential elements that led to nowadays’ fashion.

  • Introduction to the history of costume and fashion. The function of clothes in expressing gender, identity, and social class
  • 1950’s: The Great Era of Italian Cinema and the Birth of Haute Couture
  • 1960’s: Hippies and the success Ready to Wear
  • 1970’s: Fashion as an expression of freedom and the self. From Elio Fiorucci to Yves Saint Laurent
  • 1980’s: Excess and extravagance of Italian fashion
  • 1990’s: Luxury brands and minimalism
  • The 2000s to today: Instabrands and the development of fast fashion

Fashion Nowadays in the World

Students will cover the most relevant fashion designers of the last decade and be asked to recognize the influences of culture, art, and history on fashion today.

Note: Our fashion course may be taken by itself or combined with any Italian courses as a supplementary class.

Note: For Florence’s language course options, please visit our course prices.

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Prices For a Course on the History of Fashion

Following are the prices of our fashion courses in combination with the Italian lessons. I remind you that the courses include a tour of the fashion shops in Florence.

Florence Fashion Tour with Parola School in Florence

Florence Fashion Tour is a renowned fashion service company in Florence that runs shopping tours in the historic center of the city.

Our language institute in Florence cooperates with Florence Fashion Tours, which provides our students with personal shopping tours in the Florentine historic center.

FFT guarantees great personal shopping services to all Parola’s students interested in fashion, and in purchasing the excellent array of fashion brands available in Florence. Without any doubt, FFT’s fashion services can help to discover authentic Italian style.

For more detailed information, get in touch with us.

Individual Lessons in Florence

Parola school also offers individual fashion lessons, priced at €30 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours.

Contact Parola institute for help arranging the best combined course for you.

Enrollment in Our Fashion Course in Florence

Students can enroll in Parola’s fashion history programs by filling out the registration form or by contacting our school directly.