Prices of Our Italian Language Courses at Parola

Learn Italian With Quality Teaching at Affordable Prices

At Parola school, you can study Italian in the center of Florence with quality instruction at a reasonable price. Because we offer an interesting variety of courses at competitive prices, we are certain to meet your language needs.

The cost of each Italian language course includes Parola’s edited books and final certificates, student activities in Florence, and all the modern educational tools to learn Italian effectively.

What is Included in Our Course Prices

The cost of our Italian language courses includes the following:


  • Parola’s edited school books (grammar book and exercise book)
  • Cultural and recreational activities in Florence (indoor and outdoor)
  • Tailor-made programs for one-on-one lessons, workers and families
  • Accommodation finding service for language students
  • Assistance for Residence Permit in Italy
  • Certificate of attendance and diplomas for the most advanced linguistic levels
  • Fast WI-FI connection and the use of computers at the school
  • Student assistance with photocopies for documents
  • Projector and room for small conferences
  • Field trips outside of the city (excluding ticket fares)

Fees of Our Group Italian Language Courses in Florence

Look at the competitive prices of our group Italian language courses.

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Individual Language Course Fees

Look at the prices of our individual lessons. Each hour, if taken separately, has a cost of 30 euros.

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Combined Italian Language Courses

Group courses in combination with individual Italian language courses. 

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Other Combined Courses at Parola School

Parola school offers dedicated lessons in Italian or special programs in combination with art, cooking or drawing.

Please note: a wide variety of in free time activities are included in the cost of each Italian language course in Florence. These activities are offered at no charge, so the student will only need to pay the cost of entrance tickets or transportation, if necessary. 

Prices for Specialized Courses in Florence at Parola School

Parola school also offers reasonable prices for special courses and useful lessons for workers and students who cannot attend courses in the morning:

  • Italian pronunciation course fee – special price for Parola students – €150 (6 hours)
  • Course fees for supplementary individual courses and individual language classes at our school – €30 per hour
  • Evening Italian language courses – €30 per hour (lessons offered on weeknights between 4 pm and 8 pm)

Note: in case you are interested in our supplementary classes, see the fees for the extra-curricular courses at our Italian language school in Florence.

Contact Parola Italian Language School For Further Information

Please contact us for further information regarding prices and discounts of our Italian language school in Florence.

We are also happy to provide clarification concerning the fees of our additional courses in Florence, including Italian and Cooking, Italian and Drawing, Italian and art, and for more detailed information on our CILS certification in Florence and its prices.