Parola school offers a wide variety of Italian language classes in the historic center of Florence

Italian Language Courses in Florence at Parola

Our Italian Language Courses in Florence

Our Italian language courses are divided into 3 language programs: group courses, individual language lessons, and combined Italian language classes.

Students may choose from a variety of classes to fit their learning preferences. In fact, the Italian language programs at Parola school provide an excellent selection of language courses for students to learn Italian in Florence with flexibility and results.

Our Italian Language Programs in Tuscany

Parola language school offers Italian language courses for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 8 months and provides language tuition for the study VISA in Florence as well.

In addition to our Italian language classes, Parola school organizes after-school activities and cultural lessons in Florence and throughout Tuscany.

  • Group Italian language program, group lessons include an Italian grammar session and a conversation session.
  • Individual Italian language program, one-on-one Italian language lessons with great flexibility for the student.
  • Combined Italian language programs, group Italian language class and individual lessons for intensive learning.

In addition to our standard Italian programs, Parola offers paired courses. In these combined language classes, students learn the Italian language as well as drawing, cooking, or art.

CILS Examination Courses in Italy Università di Siena

Our school is a certified center for the CILS certificate. Therefore, our language institute has special language programs to prepare students for the CILS examination in Florence.

About Parola Italian Language Courses in Florence

The following is a general overview of our Italian language courses at Parola Italian Language School. All classes are held every weekday unless otherwise specified. The hours that are written are the total hours of class per week.

The Benefits of Our Language Courses

Our Italian language courses in Florence offer the following benefits to language students who have chosen Florence for their Italian language studies:

  • Classes are kept to a maximum of 12 language students but normally average between 6 -7 students.
  • Lessons are usually held Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm with a break between 10:50 am and 11:10 am.
  • All class materials are provided and included in the cost of the course.
  • Six levels of language instruction are offered: Beginners, Intermediate I & II, Advanced I, II, & III.
  • Our language courses can be combined with art and cooking lessons.

All our Italian language courses can cover the six levels of the Italian language grammar chart of the European Union.

Our Group Courses And Their Prices

Very Intensive
1 Week€180 - 20 hours€100 - 10 hours€210 - 30 hours€100 - 10 hours
2 Weeks€320 - 40 hours€180 - 20 hours€420 - 60 hours€110 - 12 hours€180 - 24 hours€180 - 20 hours
3 Weeks€420 - 60 hours€260 - 30 hours€600 - 90 hours€160 - 18 hours€260 - 36 hours€260 - 30 hours
4 Weeks€510 - 80 hours€320 - 40 hours€710 - 120 hours€210 - 24 hours€340 - 48 hours€320 - 40 hours
INFOGrammar and conversationConversation Only

Individual Courses And Their Prices

PER WEEK5 hours 10 hours20 hours 6 hours a day6 hours a day 8 hours a day8 hours a day
INFORMATIONWithout lunchIncludes lunchWithout lunchIncludes lunch

Combined Courses in Florence

2 Weeks€500 - 46 h€620 - 50 h€990 - 60 h
3 Weeks€690 - 69 h€870 - 75 h€1160 - 90 h
4 Weeks€870 - 92 h€980 - 100 h€1500 - 120 h
INFORMATION4 h + 1 h individual x 3 times a week4 h + 1 h individual -daily4 h + 2 hrs individual lessons - daily

Language Course Variety All Year-Round

The Italian language courses at Italian school Parola are held year-round, Monday through Friday, and are open to students of all ages. Parola school also offers language courses in the evening for those working or studying in Florence or for our language students who desire to deepen the knowledge of Italian language after 6 o’clock PM.

Our Italian school provides a wide selection of Italian language courses: from group Italian language classes to one-on-one classes, as well as specialized Italian courses.

These courses include Italian pronunciation, Italian CILS preparation lessons, and online Italian language courses taught at our school in Florence.

6 Grammar Levels at Parola School

We offer a range of Italian language courses across six Italian grammar levels at Parola School. On average, it takes 4 weeks to complete one level of grammar in a group course; classes can be taken for up to eight months.

Free Grammar Recovery Lessons On Fridays

Upon request, Parola offers our students a 1-hour recovery grammar lesson for free once a week. These recovery classes are held each Friday, after the morning Italian courses at our school. The hour is used to clarify, focus and fine tune the grammar rules that have been discussed in class throughout the week.

A General View of Our Italian Language Courses

Group Italian Language Courses in Florence at Parola

The group Italian courses are for students who prefer to learn Italian in a group setting. The benefit of group classes is that students have the opportunity to meet other students from around the world who are on the same level of Italian.

Please note that our school requires at least 3 students to form a group language class.

Individual Italian Courses in Florence at Parola

Our individual Italian courses are designed for students who wish to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Adults or students studying other subjects in Florence may prefer to take this type of course; one-on-one lessons are also requested by students who require a greater knowledge of the Italian language for business purposes in Italy.

Combined Italian Courses in Florence at Parola (Group Lesson + Individual lesson)

The combined Italian language courses match group classes of Italian with individual Italian language lessons. This combination allows the student to take advantage of the benefits of a group class while focusing on their personal language needs in the one-on-one sessions. This type of instruction also improves the student’s Italian vocabulary and understanding.

Evening Italian Language Courses at Parola School

We provide evening Italian language courses at our school in the center of Florence. These language lessons are on an individual basis and are offered between 4 pm and 8: 30 pm Monday through Friday, as determined by the student.

Extracurricular Courses at Parola School

Our school also offers supplementary courses, which focus on the cultural heritage and society of Italy. In particular, Parola holds Italian cooking courses, lessons on Italian politics and society, art classes, and drawing courses at our school in the center of Florence.
These cultural courses are separate from the Italian language courses offered by Parola and require at least 3 participants. For an individual supplementary course please contact Parola School, as prices vary.

Learn Italian With Our On-Line Language Courses

Our language school also offers online Italian courses for students who want to learn Italian from home. Many former Parola students wish to continue learning from their home country with online lessons given by native Italian speakers that have become certified professors. The online Italian lessons offered by Parola are the perfect way to get a quality education before or after coming to Italy.

Au-Pair Language Courses With Parola School

Parola Italian language school collaborates with the Euro Au-Pair agency in Florence to provide Au-Pair placement services. Parola also offers an Italian language program for Au-Pairs in Florence and Tuscany. Students who are registered with Parola Italian language school and the Euro Au-Pair agency are entitled to a discount on our Italian language courses for Au-Pairs.

Please contact our Florentine office for detailed information about our Au-Pair program in Florence.

Teaching Hours and Location of Our Language School

The Italian language courses at Parola school in Florence are held between 9:00 am and 1:00 PM. Individual Italian language lessons can be taken in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on students’ needs.
Classes are all held at our school in the historic center of Florence near Piazza Santa Croce. Parola is within walking distance of all of the major sights and monuments in the city of Florence.

Italian Grammar Placement Test on the First Day at Parola School

If the language student is not an absolute beginner, on the first day of class there will be an informal written Italian grammar test. Following the test, the Italian language student will be placed in the appropriate grammar level at our school.
Parola’s grammar test follows the standard Italian language levels set by the European Union.

Contact For Further Information About Our Italian Language Courses

Please contact our office to receive further information about our specialty courses and all of our Italian language programs in Florence.


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“What a nice experience! The school staff is nice and friendly, with very proactive teachers. Such a great idea to go eat Pizza or have “Aperitif” with the other students and a teacher.”

Alina Jordan, Germany

“I have spent many good days at the school Parola. I worked as an Au Pair and I found good friends during the Italian courses!”

Claire Morisseau, France

“Efficient and available for any questions, especially when I have risked to miss my airplane! Great help during my language course in Florence!”

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