Italian Pronunciation Course With Parola School

Learn How to Pronounce Italian With Our Native Teachers

Enhance your Italian language skills with our specialized Italian pronunciation course in Florence or online.

You can learn the Italian language diction basics and improve your accent in our specialized language course.

Parola school offers an Italian pronunciation program in Florence or online taught using digital recordings, MP3, Youtube, and Internet sources: all these tools help practice the sound and the rhythm of Italian words.

Thanks to our native Italian teachers, it is a stimulating, engaging, and effective way to learn the basics of the Italian language enunciation.

Online Pronunciation Course With Our Language Center

Our institute also provides online Italian lessons to enhance the language diction from home with our mother tongue teachers.

Write to us if you are interested or try a trial lesson with our school.

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Multiple Ways to Improve Italian Pronunciation

Our language institute provides international students with multiple ways to learn pronunciation and speak Italian with a proper accent and rhythm at an affordable price.

Needless to say that it is not easy to learn how to enunciate Italian correctly, but this course aims to give good insights and the proper tools to do it well.

Our school aims to help Italian language students to become more confident with Italian language pronunciation.

How to Learn Proper Italian Pronunciation

Pronouncing Italian is a difficult task for a non-native speaker. Still, if the Italian language student is provided with practical pronunciation exercises and is followed properly by a language tutor, it is possible to improve the Italian language accent with rewarding results.

With proper and constant practice, students can learn how to pronounce Italian with proper language flow, the right cadence, and the correct use of Italian vowels and consonants.

Evening private Italian language course in Florence

Pronunciation Methodology Lessons With Parola School

Parola Italian language school works on improving your rhythm and accent of Italian through books and digital recordings, and video taken from Youtube or TV.

The Italian pronunciation course with our institute is for those Italian language students who want to improve their language skills to an advanced aural and oral level while doing their Italian studies in Florence.

However, it is also arranged for everyone interested in gaining important Italian pronunciation notions for personal use.

A combination of Group Italian Language Courses And Individual Lessons

Our Italian pronunciation course can also be in combination with our group Italian language courses. Moreover, if the student wishes to attend the course as a single package of lessons, the price for our individual lessons of Italian pronunciation is 25 euros per hour.

Price For a Pronunciation Course at Parola School

The price for an Italian language pronunciation course is 150 Euros (6 hours). The Program is as follows:

  • Two-week course (2 weeks, 6 hours of Italian pronunciation teaching)
  • All classes are taken in the afternoon or, when possible, at a specific time, arranged individually
  • Use of digital devices that will convert the recordings in MP3 (the lesson is entirely recorded for the student), who is supposed to rehearse and repeatedly practice the Italian pronunciation
  • MP3 and online sources for using after class
  • Online Italian lessons are held with all the educational elements mentioned above

Contact Parola school for more detailed information or to reserve a place for this course.

Who Could be Interested in an Italian Pronunciation Course?

  • People who think their Italian pronunciation is preventing them from communicating effectively
  • Students who struggle with speaking Italian because their mother tongue is greatly different than the sound structure of the Italian language, such as; Japanese, Chinese, and so forth
  • International language students who would like to master better pronunciation in Italian
Books for Italian language courses in Florence

Recommended for Opera Students, Study Abroad Students, and Businesspeople

This dedicated course is particularly recommended for students who study opera music in Italy, all students who are participating in Study Abroad Exchange Programs in Tuscany, and businessmen.

Erasmus students studying for exams at the University of Florence may find it useful to improve their pronunciation. Mastering elements such as rhythm, prosody, sound length of consonants and vowels, and Italian expressions and sounds are particularly useful.

International business people who work with or for Italy.

What Does a Pronunciation Course Consist Of?

This course consists of 2 weeks in which we teach the phonetic rules of Italian pronunciation and do exercises with the voice: recording and repeating the words and expressions.

This is a special Italian language course offered three times a week in the afternoon, usually in the late afternoon (Total 6 hours for 2 weeks). However, it is also possible to arrange the teaching time according to the student’s needs.

Of course, online Italian courses have a different educational program, different teaching times, and another methodology to guarantee better learning in a distance lesson.  

The Language Schedule For Our Pronunciation Class in Florence

  • Focus on correcting the major pronunciation difficulties caused by differences between the student’s native language and Italian
  • The students will cover all the open vowels and closed vowels of Italian, the mute, and sounding consonants
  • The pronunciation course has readings of special texts for pronunciation by Corrado Veneziano or Marco Svolacchia.
  • The language tutor covers the rhythm and the accent of Italian by analyzing Italian dialogues.
  • We repeatedly record the pronunciation of the student to correct it.

At the end of Parola’s pronunciation course, students will have the language tools to improve Italian rhythm, tone, and intonation. Our language students will learn how to model Italian expressions and have their fluency and Italian cadence improved.

For all students, there are also optional hours of cultural and recreational activities. These events are part of Parola school’s free time activities and are run by Parola in Florence.

Dates of Parola’s Italian Pronunciation Lessons

For information on the dates of Parola’s individual Italian pronunciation lessons, on-site or online, you can contact our language school’s office. 

Besides, if you wish to start or continue learning Italian at our institute, you can choose among the wide variety of our Italian language courses in Florence.

Contact Parola School For Further Info On Pronunciation Lessons

For any further clarification concerning our Italian pronunciation courses, please contact Parola Italian language school directly. We will be happy to reply to you promptly. 

You can also call us at +39 055 242182.

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