After-School Activities in Florence with Parola

Free-Time Activities in Florence or Tuscany

Enhance your Italian language learning journey with our exciting and enriching free-time activities. Enjoy our free-time activities in Florence or Tuscany after Parola’s Italian language courses.

Our institute constantly organizes leisure activities after its language courses in Florence. Above all, these social and cultural events are available to Parola students, free of charge.

Parola school’s events include visiting art museums, churches; orientation walks in Florence, field trips to Tuscan cities, aperitifs, Florentine restaurants eating pizza, riding bikes in the park, and more.

Therefore, our Italian language school offers various optional indoor and outdoor activities in Florence to offer students a complete and enjoyable educational experience in Italy.

Freetime activity with Italian language students in Florence

Dinners And Evening Events in Florence

Once a week, one or more of Parola’s professors accompanies students to a local bar to enjoy an Aperitivo (aperitif), a typical Italian pastime. Students and their language tutors mingle over drinks and small plates of food in this relaxed setting while conversing in Italian.

To promote a friendly atmosphere amongst the students and teachers at Parola, we organize dinners in local restaurants, socials, and evening meetings in the center of Florence.

Bike Rides and Walks in The Parks of Florence

Occasionally, a Parola’s instructor takes students for a bike ride or a leisurely walk through the two main parks in Florence: along the Arno river at the Cascine Park, the largest and most renowned park in Florence.

Excursions in Tuscany And Italy

Parola Italian language school organizes sightseeing trips to Tuscany’s most interesting cities, including Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Lucca, and the seaside.

A member of Parola school accompanies the students on all of these excursions, which are for free to students except for the bus or the train ticket.

Chianti Wine Tasting And Olive Oil Production

For these fun and instructional tours, a guide from Florence For Fun accompanies students to the Chianti region’s beautiful wineries. The estate owners explain their wine production methods and, of course, let students taste their wines.

Parola also organizes trips to an olive oil production factory in Tuscany, more specifically in Lucca. There, our students can see the process of making Tuscan olive oil.

Major Florentine Museums

Any interested students can be accompanied by a Parola instructor as a group excursion to the most important museums in Florence, from the Uffizi Galleries to the beautiful Bargello and the Duomo museums.

The school can also make reservations for private museum visits for students who want to see the exhibits during their stay in Florence.

Visits to Florentine Workshops

Florence is famous for master craftsmanship in art forms of all kinds.

Tours to these craftsmen’s workshops are organized according to craft (art restoration, jewelry making, pottery, etc.) and conducted by one of Parola’s teachers.

One such tour that we offer is a visit to the fascinating and historic leather workshop of Santa Croce.

Summer Nights at The Opera

In Summertime, special excursions are organized to see opera performances at the Arena in Verona, La Scala in Milan, or the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago.

Note: These excursions are not free of charge.

Sunday Field Trips For Au Pairs

Once a month, Parola school organizes Sunday trips for Au Pairs and other students who work or cannot participate in excursions Monday through Saturday.

Sports Facilities in Florence

Even in Florence, students can engage in their favorite sports: Parola school can provide information on sports and athletic organizations.

We are happy to share detailed information regarding the places where students can go jogging, play golf, or play tennis.

Convenient Restaurants in Florence

Parola students can enjoy discounts at many local restaurants. Furthermore, once a week students can go for an evening Aperitivo with one of our teachers.

Information For School Activities And Florentine Events

Parola students are always informed about the activities offered by the school in our free-time bulletin board at the entrance door.

Students are given a schedule of our extracurricular activities at the beginning of each week’s language program. Students are also informed of events verbally in their regular daily classes.

Free time activity in Florence with Parola school students

Further Information on Cultural Events in Florence

Parola Italian language school participates in the main cultural events in Florence, so students can enjoy concerts, festivities, and exhibits or soccer matches.

Contact For Further Information On Our Activities in Florence

Learn the Italian language with Parola school and unlock a world of possibilities with our after-school excursions in Florence.

For more information regarding free time events through Parola school, please contact our office in Florence.