Learn Italian in Montecatini Terme with Parola

Italian Language Courses and Wellness Treatments

Learn Italian in a small city in Tuscany where you might be able to speak and merge with the people of a town nearby Florence.

Parola Italian language school offers individual Italian language lessons in Montecatini Terme, 40 km from Florence.

Montecatini is a World Unesco Site for the beauty of its Liberty Style Spas, greeneries, and cultural heritage that was obtained thanks to the stay of artists such as Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, and Pierre Cardin during the last century.

Wellness and Italian Learning in Montecatini

The unique feature of these language courses is the combination of Italian with wellness treatments, which the city can widely offer thanks to its numerous Spas and Spas treatments in the hotels.

In Montecatini Terme, our language school mainly provides one-on-one Italian language courses for students of all ages. Sometimes, it is also possible to attend small group classes according to teachers’ availability.

In this charming spa town situated in the middle of Tuscany, about 30 miles from Florence, the student can take Italian lessons and, at the same time, enjoy the wellness treatments and the relaxing atmosphere of the location.

Italian grammar lesson with a student and a teacher

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One-On-One Lessons and Wellness Treatments in Relax

Parola school can offer Italian courses in Montecatini for students who prefer to live outside Florence and take Italian language lessons in a small, relaxing town’s tranquility.

After or before the Italian language lessons, it is possible to choose a package of wellness treatments in some of the hotels in the city center of Montecatini. Including Saunas, Relax area, a Turkish bath, an emotional Shower, and three warm swimming pools with water massages.

Our one-on-one language lessons are tailored to the student’s needs, providing appropriate training and course length flexibility.

Cost of a Standard Wellness Treatment After The Italian Course

The price for a wellness center 90-minute-session is  35 euros.

The health treatments can be arranged in the morning or afternoon. Other types of treatment can be done after the language courses, and the student can decide about them after receiving good suggestions from the hotel staff.

Relaxing Places After Our Italian Language Courses in Montecatini

Joining this language program allows the student to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Montecatini Terme by studying Italian abroad in this renowned Italian spa town. And more than that, for those who would like to, there is an excellent selection of opportunities for beauty and health treatments such as massages, saunas, face treatments, inhalations, and hot swimming pools.

In the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere of Montecatini Terme, students learn Italian in serene surroundings. They can connect with locals as Montecatini has retained the welcoming hospitality of a small town.

Location of Our Italian Language Lessons

Parola does not have a headquarters in Montecatini Terme; our Italian lessons can be taken at various locations, the student’s home or the student’s hotel in Montecatini. 

The lessons are generally taught from 10 am to 12 pm, but Parola guarantees flexibility to its language students and can organize the classes according to their needs.

Prices of Small Group and Private Italian Courses in Montecatini

All Italian language courses in Montecatini are designed to last 1 or 2 weeks. However, Parola school can also arrange individual courses for more than two weeks upon request.

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Note: the cost per hour of our individual Italian language courses in Montecatini is 40 euros.

Italian Course “Piano” – 2 hours per day – 1 week € 350
Italian Course “Piano”  – 2 hours per day – 2 weeks € 670

Group Language Lessons in Montecatini

Our individual Italian courses in Montecatini are typically organized as primarily light classes for adults on vacation in this spa town. However, Parola can also arrange a group Italian language course in Montecatini for a minimum of 3 people.

Please, contact the Parola Italian language school in Florence for information, dates, and fees of group language courses in Montecatini Terme.

Starting Dates of The Language Courses in Montecatini

Classes of Italian in Montecatini are available to start every Monday. Our office can arrange the wellness center appointment in Florence.

Location and History of Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme is a spa town in Tuscany with a population of around 20,000 people. Due to its central location in Tuscany, Montecatini Terme can accommodate approximately 100,000 tourists yearly in its renowned spas.

The strategic location of Montecatini Terme allows tourists to visit the many beautiful cities of Tuscany, such as Florence, Pisa, and Siena, all of which are near this spa setting.

Montecatini Terme dates back to Roman times but first appears in records beginning in 716 AD.

In 1164, the village was autonomous, although it would shortly fall to its nearby rival, Lucca. Later, in the 14th century, the castle of Montecatini, Montecatini Alto, was besieged during the war between Florence and Pisa.

Montecatini Terme is famous for its baths, which were constructed originally in 1540. In the 18th century, the first resorts were built, transforming the town into one of Italy’s most popular and elegant spa destinations.

Great musicians and artists like Verdi, Puccini, and Marinetti often took relaxing vacations in Montecatini Terme.

Why Montecatini Terme for an Italian Language Program?

In Montecatini Terme, as well as the province of Pistoia, you can find a fascinating environment full of beautiful greenery and public parks.

Adult students find it an excellent location to enjoy relaxation and tranquility while learning the Italian language. Moreover, Montecatini locals are friendly and open to conversation with foreign language students.

Montecatini Terme’s Strategic Location in Tuscany

Montecatini Terme is ideally located in the North-West corner of Tuscany, close to the easy transportation options that invite students to explore all of Tuscany. Parola Italian language school also assists students in arranging services they may need during their stay in Tuscany to make sure students take full advantage of all that Tuscany offers to visitors.

Parola also can assist in arranging transportation from the Peretola Airport in Florence to Montecatini Terme.

Contact Parola School For Italian Language Courses in Montecatini Terme

To register for an Italian language course in Montecatini Terme or to ask any questions concerning Parola’s Italian language courses, contact our office in Florence.