Parola school offers a special language program that has been arranged for Au Pair students who work in Florence and Tuscany.

Italian Language Courses to Au Pairs in Tuscany

Au Pairs in Florence at Parola Italian language school

Specializing in Teaching Italian to Au Pairs in Tuscany

Parola Italian language school in Florence provides its expertise to teach Italian language courses to Au Pairs in Tuscany.

Au Pairs in Tuscany are mainly composed of young foreign women, who would like to work as nannies, particularly in Florence or throughout the Florentine area.

The standard language program to Au Pairs consists of 24 hours weekly (Italian grammar) or 48 hours weekly (grammar and conversation). Our language courses are held at Parola's headquarters in the historic center of Florence.

Our Experience With Teaching To Young Au Pairs in Tuscany

Parola school has been teaching Italian language courses to Au Pairs for more than 20 years. During this period, our language school has achieved a great experience at dealing with foreign Au Pairs who decide to take care of Italian families' children in Florence or in Tuscany.

Contact Parola Italian Language School for Language Courses to Au Pairs

Contact our Italian language school for any further information about the special Italian language lessons to Au Pairs in Tuscany.

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Au-Pair Course Fees at Parola Italian Language School

Our Au-Pair Italian language lessons are held at the school's headquarters from Monday to Friday. These are the prices for students who have a convention with the Euro Au-Pair Agency or Auparinet24.

  • € 170 - Tot. 24 hours - 4 weeks - Grammar on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • € 290 - Tot. 48 hours - 4 weeks - 2 hours of Grammar + 2 hours of conversation on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • € 270 (MINUETTO: 5 days a week, 2 hours a day, total 40 hours)

Au Pairs Who Want To Practice The Language

For the Au Pairs who do not have enough time in the morning because of their job, Parola Italian language school offers a course to enhance their fluency with the Italian language.

In fact, our language institute also provides lessons of conversation for 2 hours in the morning - from 9 to 11 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which matches the standard language course for Au Pairs that is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

  • € 255 - Tot. 40 hours - 4 weeks - (2 hours daily) - (minuetto)

  • Conversation on Tuesday and Thursday

  • Grammar on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Note: each Italian grammar level has a 4 week-duration. Students' fee regards a 4-week language course.

The Six Grammar Levels of Our Language Courses

Au Pairs in Florence

Our Italian language courses for Au Pairs cover six Italian language levels so to provide students with effective Italian language programs to learn Italian in Florence.

Our Italian grammar levels start from the elementary level to the advanced one. Please, note that one month usually covers one grammar level.

Au-Pair students who are beginners can usually finish all Parola levels in six to seven months. We test each student on the first day of school to place them in the right language class.

Discount to Au Pairs Who Study Italian With Parola Language School

Students registered with the school Parola and our affiliated agencies for Au Pairs are entitled to a discount on our Italian language courses in Florence.

The fee for an Au-Pair Italian course is 170 euros per month (plus 50 euros of registration fee for the first month only).

Please, note that this fee is only applicable for Au Pairs who work with our affiliated agencies in Italy.

Please, feel free to contact our office in Florence, or telephone the school (+39 055 242182) for more detailed information about this kind of Italian language course.

Parola School Takes Care of Au Pairs' Needs in Florence

The Italian school Parola has always taken Au Pairs' needs into strong consideration: Parola always try to provide social and linguistic support to Au-Pair workers who have decided to study Italian in Florence.

The Italian school parola aim is to help Au-Pair students get familiar with Italian society. It is for this reason that Parola always has a friendly but professional approach in delivering its Italian language courses.

Our Italian language school wants students to feel at ease within their new job, their new environment and in the Italian society as well.

Our Italian courses for Nannies include some recreational activities in Florence, which are usually held when Au Pairs are off duty, on Saturdays or Sundays.

Location and Teaching Hours in The Italian Courses For Au Pairs

All the Italian language courses for Au Pairs are group Italian courses which are held at the headquarters of the school Parola, which is located in Borgo S, Croce, 4 - Florence - Italy.

  • 6 hours of lessons per week - 2 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Total: 24 hours a month and 20 hours of extra-curricular activities in Florence

  • The school also runs activities for Au-Pair students, usually on Sundays

Drawing Course For Beginners (Special For Au-Pair Girls)

Parola Italian language school also organizes drawing lessons to let Au Pairs have a rewarding educational-stay in Florence. Au Pairs can meet and learn Italian in Florence with an interesting and stimulating supplementary activity. Parola offers a drawing course in Florence to its language students, which is at a very convenient price (80 euro for 10 hours) for a group of at least 3 partecipants.

Our drawing course takes place on Tuesdays and/or on Thursdays in our headquarters, but it can also be arranged with the teacher at a specific time according to Au Pairs' needs.

Contact For Information on Our Italian Language Courses For Au Pairs in Tuscany

Please, contact our Italian school office for more detailed information concerning Au-Pair Italian courses in Florence at Parola school.

For further information, you can contact us directly at this number: +39 055 242182. Our information desk will answer any questions you may have concerning our Italian language courses to Au Pairs in Florence.

Parola Italian language school-LogoStudents in an Au Pair course in Florence

I found a second family at the school. Thanks to the most friendly school staff ever.

(Katherina - Germany)
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