Online Italian Courses Before a Long-term Stay in Italy

Digital Italian Lessons Before Moving to Italy

Study Italian online with Parola’s digital language courses before moving to Italy for a long period to be linguistically prepared for your Italian stay.

Our language school offers online Italian courses for all those families and professionals who plan to come to Italy to live permanently or work for a long period.

Parola school offers specific and engaging Italian language courses for foreign families, with grammar teaching and vocabulary improvement to familiarize themselves in a short time with the Italian culture.

Moreover, Parola’s online Italian lessons for foreign professionals are arranged with didactic material and a specific language learning program suitable for their job in Italy.

Learn Italian Online to Move and Live in Italy for a Long-Term Stay

As mentioned above, Parola Italian language school offers online learning solutions for families and professionals in its digital Italian courses.

For this reason, our language center provides students with a flexible teaching schedule and an effective didactic methodology to learn Italian successfully from abroad: our teachers are engaging and expert and they conduct their virtual classrooms with friendliness.

In short, Parola school offers online Italian language lessons for families and professionals all year round, which are taught by competent and friendly teachers until late evening (19:30 European Time) to allow these students to be prepared for their future stay in Italy.

Online Italian language group with an expert teacher

Online Italian Courses for Families Moving to Italy

Study the Italian language before coming to Italy with your family, and learn the language effectively at a reasonable price thanks to our friendly and expert native teachers.

Our Italian language school offers digital language lessons for all the families who wish to learn basic Italian before moving to Italy.

Our virtual classrooms are tailor-made for adults and children that need to work together, and they are stimulating and engaging. In short, international families are going to be prepared for their stay in Italy and to be prepared to use the language appropriately.

Parola’s language courses are engaging Italian language programs, especially fun for children. They are conceived for all those international families who wish to combine their holiday or long-term stay in Italy with Italian language lessons.

Contact us to request a price for your family. We will try to give you our best learning options at a competitive cost. You can also call us at +39 055 242182 or WhatsApp us at +39 328 8997420.

Online Italian Courses for Professionals and Retired People

Learn Italian online when you are at your own home before moving to Italy for your job. Parola school will offer you individual language courses at a reasonable price.

There are many international professionals who decide to come to Italy to work or retired people who are planning to live in Italy in the future. In particular, Florence is a much-desired place for those who work in fashion and engineering, as well as for retired people who decide to come and live in Tuscany.

For this reason, our online Italian courses prepare the student individually in order to give him or her all the basic language notions to live in Italy with a good knowledge of the Italian language.

Enroll in One of Our Italian Language Courses

If you are planning to enroll in one of our Italian language courses to learn Italian online before moving to Italy with your family or as a professional, please register with our enrollment form.

Our Italian language school will promptly return your call or email.

Contact for Information on Online Lessons for Families and Professionals

Contact our Italian language school in Florence to receive further information about our Italian language courses online for families and professionals.

You can also write to our school at or call our office in Florence directly at +39 055242182 or at +39 328 8997420.


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