The Situation of Our School With The Pandemic

Get by in a difficult situation like the one we are experiencing

Who would have expected it? A catastrophic and painful event has practically brought this country’s economy to its knees, and so many other countries in the world.

We do not yet know how to behave, and honestly the scientists as well, but one thing is certain: from the human point of view was a huge and painful tragedy, and now hoping that the emergency has subsided and is attenuating in its virulence, there is a need to urgently face the economic situation that affects, especially in Florence, the tourism sector and also the school, which is obviously within the tourism sector.

Online Italian Courses to Survive

Right now, most of the language schools have adapted with online lessons, and I have to say that many teachers of ours are doing really well, but there are also so many students, who stayed here in Florence during the pandemic peak and did not come back home, who would like to take some Italian language courses at the school now. Unfortunately, this is not allowed at the moment, at least until the government gives us the green light.

We Hope to Come Back to On-Site Italian Courses

Online courses are not bad at all, they are engaging and at the same time lighter, more inclined to conversation than grammar. In addition to that, they must be done in less time because they tire more. Unfortunately, face-to-face language lessons are another thing: passionate, exciting, and more rewarding.

In conclusion, we await the development of events.  Presently, it seems that the situation has stalled but we can’t wait to go back to teaching and working here at Parola school.

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