Frittelle in Florence. A great tradition for the Florentines

Frittele. Great Sweet to Eat in Florence

Carnival and San Giuseppe For The Frittelle

In Florence, there are a lot of traditions when Carnival arrives. The first tradition I want to talk about is the “Frittelle fiorentine”. They are actually made during Father’s day but much before this date they are cooked in the Florentine area. All Florentines rave about these sweets, they are part of Florence’s tradition and they are prepared inside Families as well as in most of the bakeries in the Florence territory.

I do like Frittelle. Everybody like Frittelle. They remind me of my adolescence and they are so good that you could them one after the other. Overall, I like the fact that during Carnival time they are making Frittelle everywhere in Florence and then they proceed until Father’s day.

What ‘s the receipt for Frittelle

The receipt for the Frittelle is simple, you cook the rise in the milk, then you cook all them together. They are made with rice and lemon they are boiled and with some sugar on top.

There are a couple a good place in Santa Croce, near the school, that make frittelle, but the best solutions is to go in one of those bakeries or bars outside of the city. There, you will find very good Frittelle for locals.

March 19th, San Giuseppe, Father’s Day

As I wrote before, Frittelle find their high moments on March 19 for Father’s day. This is the best period to eat them, but during Carnival, they are made everywhere anyway. And everybody enjoys their sweet, light and delicate taste.

Enjoy These Traditions

Traditions are slowly disappearing everywhere in the world but in Florence and Tuscany, we like to keep them still, as they are.

Parola offers a Tuscan Recipe Lesson

Parola school, after its Italian language classes, offers some extracurricular lessons that cover our traditions, and we talk about the Frittelle.

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