Students Come and Go

In our job, where people come and go as in a railway station, it is not easy to find friendly students who stay in touch with you for a long time.

I’m an amiable guy and a very easy-going teacher, and it is easy for me to get a friendship, but it is also essential to find friendly people on the other side. By nice people, I mean students who keep all the memories they enjoyed at the school and all the stories they had with us teachers and our activities in Florence.

Unfortunately, everything is not all fun and games in our teaching job. So, many students attached to you when they are in Florence eventually disappear into thin air, and they do not get in touch with you anymore.

In The Beginning, it Was Very Strange For Me

In the beginning, I wasn’t used to that, and I would feel bad, but now I get away with that as nothing happens. I know that students’ florentine period is just a vacation. I know that we are their friends. I know that it is complicated that they stay in touch because, really, with today’s social networks, we are anyway implicitly in touch. And students are well hidden until a picture of you pops out on Facebook or Instagram, or they need to ask you a favor because they need some suggestions for their next stay in Italy.

In conclusion, all teachers dealing with foreigners, including me, are always dealing with new students, new people as in a train station. You enjoy your time with them, and they do too, but then they will keep on going with their own lives.

That’s life.