A Light Course at Parola Italian Language School

Tre Volte Course to Have Light Italian Language Program

Students at Parola quite often choose to attend a particular type of Italian language course in Florence that is called “Tre Volte”. Our Tre Volte is a language program that a student can take for 3 times a week and makes the Italian language learning a light, stimulating thing yet flexible for the participants.

This three-time group course takes place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9.00 to 11.00 or from 11.10 to 1.00 pm, and always on the same days. On those days, students learn new grammar rules and for the Tuesday and Thursday, there is only a grammar review.

Flexibility in Our Tre Volte Course in Florence

In the Tre Volte, you can also choose between a grammar session or a conversation session. Of course, grammar is what the course was created for, but some of our participants have asked through the years to focus on lessons to enhance their speaking competence. Therefore, we also offer the opportunity to learn oral Italian in the second session of the morning classes.

The choice between the 2-morning sessions depends on whether the student wishes to attend a course where he focuses more on grammar or conversation: grammar is from 9 am whereas conversation is from 11: 10 am onwards.

For Whom is This Course Good For?

The “3 Volte course” allows the student who has little time to study Italian to learn grammar rules or improve the communicative aspect.

It is good for those learners who have a job in the afternoon and want to learn Italian anyway without too much stress, or for students who are enrolled at the University and need to fine-tune their language without a big learning burden. Moreover, it is particularly good for students who are interested in grammar only.

The Tre Volte is a course that gives a lot of flexibility. It is one of the most attended group Italian language courses offered by our school in Florence.

At the end of the “Three-time course”, the student will receive a certificate of attendance. Obviously, even those students who attend the Italian course “Tre Volte” can take part in our free time activities.

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