Leonardo, a Great Italian Dreamer

Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, artist, inventor and above all a dreamer: a genius.

Born in 1452, in a tiny village near Vinci (Anchiano) – in the province of Florence, Leonardo approached the career of an artist as an apprentice in the workshop of the great painter and sculpture Verrocchio. Then and we know very well that, as is usually said, the student surpasses the teacher and we have splendid demonstrations in all fields. And also in this case Leonardo represented the rule.

The Celebration of 500 Years From His Death

This year we celebrate the five hundred years from his death and in every Italian city an event is remembered, especially in Florence where, after the course of Italian at the school Parola, here we can adequately celebrate the Italian genius with a very rich repertoire of exhibitions, events and art appointments.

After our Italian language courses, Parola will hold an after-class activity with a lesson about Leonardo Da Vinci and his works.

A Dreamer With The Practical Sense of The Scientist

A dreamer, a visionary, but with a huge practical sense, as his words show us: “Knowledge is not enough, we must apply. The will is not enough, we have to do and again: the details make perfection and perfection is not a detail”.

Proud of Leonardo And His Great Genius

If Leonardo had not been there, today Italy would not have many extraordinary artworks and inventions it proudly shows to all the world: from the Monnalisa to the “Cenacolo” of Milan, from the studies about the waters to the studies about the human body. And the Italians appreciate and will thank Leonardo and his genius forever.