A Language Course Starting Twice a Month

Gruppo di studenti del primo livello con l'insegnate

Two Dates a Month to Start Learning Italian

Our Italian language school in Florence offers courses for absolute beginners twice of a month, all year round. Parola school is located in Borgo Santa Croce, 4 in the middle of the historical center of the city. Students can use great facilities while they are learning Italian and socializing in our language classes.

Parola school provides students with a great variety of courses and has a lot of flexibility, which allow students to learn Italian with the group and private lessons.

In case you think you are absolute beginners, but you have taken already some Italian courses, we are going to give you a little assessment test to see your specific level, and our director will place you in the proper Italian language course for you.

What Will an Absolute Beginner do on the First Day of Class?

On the first day at the school, a student who has never studied Italian is going to meet new students, and after a little introduction, will begin to learn the basics of the language such the Italian nouns, the adjectives and the verb Avere and verb Essere.

After one week, an absolute beginner is going to complete very important elements of the Italian language grammar and will have the regular verbs of Italian completed.

Individual Course Can Start Every Day of the Week

In case of a one-on-one course, an Italian language student can start each day, from Monday to Friday, his or her private lessons in Florence. These lessons can be done in the afternoon from 1 pm to 7 pm.

Contact Us to Get Further Information

So students should get in contact with us, we are going to sort their problem out for any kind of language level they might have.