Florence has changed over the years

Firenze and tourism that has changed it

Florence is always changing but remains a beautiful city.

Tourist city par excellence, romantic by definition, cultural by tradition, Florence has changed over the years while remaining true to itself.

The Example of Via de’ Neri

An example for all: Via De ‘Neri. Ancient street in the heart of the Santa Croce district has hosted for many years craft shops and local products. Almost no trace remains of these laboratories. Replaced by industrial souvenir shops.

The terracottas worked by the skilled hands of Florentine artisans have given way to industrial ceramics, accompanied by the inevitable T-shirts, hats and aprons with a debased Michelangelo’s David printed on top.

The territory, however, renews the great Florentine traditions. In fact, proceeding in the direction of Piazza Signoria one encounters practically every day, in a long sprawling row of tourists, sweaty in summer, cold in winter, who more or less patiently waits to enter…in a museum? No, although it may seem the same tail visible in front of the entrance to the Uffizi, the human snake waits for his turn to eat a wonderful sandwich from the Antico Vinaio.

Made with local products, Tuscan cured meats and cheeses, which thanks to the excellent reviews on social networks and to the word of mouth in a few years has given this small food business, near Piazza dell Signoria, so much notoriety.

On the entrance of Via De ‘Neri, at the other end, however unchanged over time, resistant to the competition of ethnic foods, we find a grocery store that has been there for at least 80 years. Distributing homemade “takeaway” dishes of homemade cuisine that offers real masterpieces of Tuscan cuisine to be enjoyed at lunchtime from work, or at home if you don’t want to beat too much to cook.

This wonderful grocery shop prepares sumptuous Ribollite alternate with succulent roasts seasoned with chatter with the typical Florentine accent and the inevitable irreverent jokes that have made Florence and its inhabitants so famous in the world.

Have a good walk and enjoy your mea in the center of Florence!