The Situation in Florence After COVID – 19 Lockdown

COVID emergency in Italy, and in Tuscany, in particular for us, is getting better in this mid-summer.

We really went through hard times in the last 4 months but now we have learned how to deal with COVID and, most of all, it seems that the lockdown has given its results: Italians have really behave with great civic sense to emerge from this tragedy.

Talking about our present situation, apart from the fact that there are less infected people, Italians have learned that they need to wash their hands frequently, that it is really important to wear a face mask indoor, that it is essential to keep social distancing, and then last but not least try to avoid large gatherings (now that it’s Summer it is quite easy to create large groups outside).

How do People Behave Right Now in Tuscany

Now, in Tuscany, wearing a face mask outside in not obligatory anymore, but some people still wear them outside. And as for gatherings, our regional administration tries to control behaviors during gatherings due to coffee shops, restaurants and discos, which in the summertime recall gatherings all over Italy.

Social distancing is maintained fairly well, and we have to say Tuscans are having a good civic sense.

What is the Future

Foreign tourists are starting to come back to Tuscany. We can see them in the streets of Florence, on Ponte Vecchio, taking pictures in Piazza della Signoria. In addition, we also live in a place where Italian tourists come from all over Italy to spend a pleasant and cultural weekend in Florence and all over Tuscany.

Apart from “clusters” emerging because of people returning from other countries (all predicted by virologists), we have the feeling that we are going to the direction direction to cohabit with the COVID, after having reducted it massively during the Lockdown.

Everyone knows that until a vaccine will not be found, the situation will not return to normality but nowadays Italians know much more about how to behave with it. They are aware and they are less afraid.