Shrove Tuesday, The Final Day of Carnival

Today is Shrove Tuesday: Mardi Gras, which in Italian is Martedì Grasso. It is the highest point of the carnival: of excess and fun.

In effect, the word Carnival comes from the idea of getting rid of food to clean ourselves and find the happiness of living, and it is the end of the excess of the use of meat; it’s a way to make people understand that we need to vent all our frustrations, all our fears and anxieties, to enjoy life after a winter that has been hard to deal with.

Carnival is a Great Event in Italy

There is no doubt that Carnival is a great event for the whole world, and the Italian peninsula is plan of beautiful festivities related to Carnival, and I’m talking about the famous Venice carnival, but I’m also referring to festive events such the carnival of Viareggio or Orentano in Tuscany, or Oristano, Cento, Ivrea, Acireale, Fano and other small carnivals all around the country.

Carnival is a Creative and Colorful Party

Enjoy Carnival. These are days of revelry and joy. Full of parades of allegorical floats and colored masks.

During Carnival, people overturn hierarchies and break rules. It is a party for satire, which originated comedy in literature as well. And during the old times, throughout the centuries, it also meant break and dispute.