Traditional Food and Gelato in Florence

So Many Food Festivals in Florence and Tuscany!

A lot of Earthy Food to Eat in Tuscany. And a Great Gelato Festival!

In Tuscany, and around the city of Florence, there are many festivals that are dedicated to any kind of Tuscan specialties from meat, mushrooms, chestnuts to cheeses: all these foods that are traditionally linked to Tuscany and its culinary heritage.

An Outstanding Gelato Festival 

There is a fantastic gelato festival that is held every year at the beginning of September at Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, for instance. 

All over the Piazzale Michelangelo, every year, Florence organizes a world gelato festival with a lot of incredible icecream tastes invented by the ice cream makers. 

All Italians and foreigners like it because this festival displays an outstanding array of tasty and yummy ice creams and in some ways, it represents one of the symbols of Italian food.

Parola School goes eat Tuscan in Florence

Our territory has always been a region with a strong rural tradition. Tuscan culture along with its language are strongly linked. You can find many connections in Tuscan writers and food.

Scuola Parola also offers the opportunity to eat Tuscan in some trattorias of Florence with the tutoring of one of our teachers. Our students taste the typical specialties of our kitchen and are happy to have detailed explanations on the spot but also in our extra-curricular lessons.

Italian and Cooking Classes with Parola School to Learn Italian with Fun

Parola also has Italian and cooking classes in Florence. Students enjoy these lessons and they like the fact they prepare Italian, talk Italian and then eat the food. Eating Tuscan specialties is renowned throughout Italy and some Tuscan recipes are also well known abroad.

When you come to Florence choose the right restaurant, and you will see that Tuscan cuisine will not disappoint you.

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If you need to know something more about our activities, please let us know. Maybe, you can come to eat some Tuscan food with us.