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Parola school holds Italian language courses in Florence, extracurricular classes and social activities in Tuscany. Our language school is a certified CILS exam center in Italy.




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Parola is an Italian language school in Florence that offers a wide variety of Italian language courses in central Tuscany. Parola Italian language school provides stimulating yet friendly language lessons for the study of both written and verbal Italian in Italy. Our Italian language institute in Florence offers diverse language courses, including group Italian language classes, customized Italian language training, with a combination of group and one-on-one language classes, and individual Italian language lessons in Tuscany. Our language institute in Florence also holds extracurricular Italian culture classes and educational activities in Tuscany to effectively support the student's language learning process in Italy.
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Learn Italian in Florence through one of our special language courses. Our language students's reviews are always putting in evidence how flexible and effective our courses are. Our Italian language school for foreigners offers specialized language programs in Florence, such as Italian language courses for Au Pairs, Italian language and cooking, Italian language and art lessons, and individual language lessons for worker in Tuscany. In addition, our language institute provides Italian pronunciation courses in Florence and on-line Italian language classes taught by certified native Italian professors in Florence. Parola language school offers Italian language classes to obtain the CILS certificate (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language), which are held at our language institute in Tuscany. In fact, our Italian language school in Florence is an officially recognized CILS examination center in Italy.
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Our Italian language school for foreigners offers an excellent variety of educational classes about Italy and a wide selection of Italian culture courses for all of Parola's Italian language learners. While learning Italian in Florence, our students can also take part in drawing courses, art classes or Italian cooking lessons. Moreover, Parola Italian language school organizes guided tours through the city of Florence and educational trips in Italy.


Parola Italian language school offers Italian language training in Tuscany taught by native Italian speakers. Our professors all use customized grammar and exercise books provided by our school. Our Italian language courses have an effective and veritable Italian language methodology, which provides language students with the educational tools necessary to learn Italian proficiently. Our language school's outdoor and extracurricular classes in Florence are led by trained instructors and are always linked to Italian culture. Our additional outdoor classes are led in Italian and have an emphasis on the city of Florence, on Florentine History, on Italian society, and Italian art in Tuscany.

Parola School and Its Italian Language Courses in Florence

Parola is an Italian language school in Florence that combines Italian language courses at competitive prices with lessons about Italian culture and social activities in Tuscany.

Our language school offers a wide choice of course solutions and provides Italian language students with a flexible teaching schedule and lessons that are taught all year round.

Language Courses in Small Groups and Accredited CILS Center in Italy

Our Italian language school offers language lessons in small groups - no more than 12 students - and it offers language courses in Florence until 8 pm so to be a good choice for workers and students who can only learn Italian in the afternoon.

Our Italian language school for foreigners is centrally located in Florence and it is officially authorized by the Italian Board of Education. Parola Italian language school is also an accredited CILS exam center in Italy.

Expertise and Friendliness in Our Language Courses in Florence

Parola Italian language school holds a wide array of Italian language programs. All of our Italian language professors are native Italian speakers who have advanced degrees in humanities and experience in teaching the Italian language.

Our certified language instructors provide their expertise and positive encouragement in order to guarantee a pleasant and rewarding language experience in the center of Florence.

Quality Training at Affordable Prices in the Historic Center of Florence

Parola Italian language institute provides quality teaching and affordable course prices in Tuscany. Parola 's language classes are held in a Renaissance building in the historic center of Florence at a short distance from world-renowned monuments and important museums.

Parola school has professional teachers who offer friendly and effective support to students learning Italian in Florence. Our Italian language courses in Florence are proficiently taught with grammar and exercise books edited by our school.

At Parola Italian language school, we are also known for our friendliness and the flexible training schedule of our language courses, which are taught all year-round in Florence.

Learn Italian Language in a Multicultural Environment

Parola Italian language school offers a broad selection of Italian language courses for students of all ages and nationalities and with high quality language training.

Our Italian language courses in Italy provide a multicultural and diverse environment; students from nearly 50 countries learn at our Italian language school. All of our students enjoy the hospitality, expertise and friendliness we offer in the center of Florence.

Wide Variety of Italian Language Courses in Florence

Parola Italian language school offers an extensive variety of language lessons. Our school holds group Italian language classes with small class sizes, as well as individual Italian language lessons that provide great flexibility in regards to time and grammar content. Moreover, we offer combined Italian courses, which include standard group Italian language classes that are supported by one-to-one lessons in the afternoon in Florence.

At Parola Italian language institute, we provide more than just language training. In fact, our Italian school also offers art lessons, cooking courses and Italian history courses combined with Italian language, extracurricular classes and free guided-learning activities in Florence.

CILS Certification and Language Courses For Au Pairs in Florence

Our Italian language institute for foreigners is also accredited for the CILS certification: an official certificate of Italian language as a foreign language certified by the Università Degli Studi di Siena. Parola school is an authorized examination center for the CILS certificate in Italy.

For this reason, our Italian language school also offers a preparation course for the CILS exam in Florence.

In addition to our morning and evening Italian language programs, Parola school also holds special Italian language programs in Tuscany, language courses for workers and university students living in Florence.

Experienced Teaching Methodology In Our Italian Language Classes

Parola's Italian language courses in Florence guarantee a comprehensive and flexible teaching method through our morning and afternoon lessons. Italian language classes at our school are designed to allow students to socialize, interact, and work together as they learn Italian. Our language courses provide a rewarding and effective learning experience, due to the combination of grammar and Italian conversation.

At Parola school, we also take advantage of using mass-media tools during the the Italian language classes, as well as providing other tools available for rent outside of class.

Full Coverage of Italian Grammar Levels, From Beginner To Advanced

Parola Italian language school follows the rules of Italian language training set by the EC and offers the opportunity to learn Italian with a variety of Italian language courses at 6 language levels. Therefore, Parola Italian language institute for foreigners enables students to understand and speak Italian from a basic to an advanced level.

Free Time Activities in Florence and in Tuscany

Learning Italian at Parola school allows students to get to know Italy through educational excursions, presentations on Italy and formal Italian language classes.

Our free time activities (offered weekdays after our Italian language training in Florence) include excursions to see Italian movies, visits to artisan workshops and walking tours throughout Florence's artistic center.

Parola Italian language school organizes sightseeings in Central Italy to expose language students to the artistic and cultural legacy of Italy.

Our Italian school encourages a social environment, which increases the learning and comprehension of the Italian language while creating friendships and memorable experiences.

Extracurricular Classes and Supplementary Lessons with Italian in Florence

In addition to Italian courses, our language school provides light, supplementary lessons that offer added support for our standard Italian language lessons in Florence. Parola Italian language school offers supplementary courses in Florence, such as art history, Italian cuisine, drawing lessons, fashion, and art courses. These lessons can be accompanied by our Italian language instruction or taken separately as instructional courses.

Contact Parola Italian Language School in Florence

Contact our Italian language school in Florence for further information about our Italian language courses, individual Italian lessons and the variety of language courses offered at our school.

Parola Italian language institute would be happy to answer all of your questions regarding any of our language courses or educational activities in Florence and Tuscany.

You can also write to our Italian language school at or call our office in Florence directly at +39 055242182 or at +39 328 8997420.

Enroll in Italian Courses in Florence at Parola Italian Language School

If you are planning to enroll in one of our Italian language courses to learn Italian in the heart of Florence, please register with our enrollment form. Our language school will promptly return your call or email.

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Parola Italian language school is around all of the most important art attractions in Florence, such as the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo and Piazza della Signoria. Moreover, Parola Italian language institute is located in one of the most lively areas in Florence. Around our language school students can socialize with Italians and students from other schools. Our Italian language center in Florence is in the middle of one of the most exciting and lively Florentine neighborhoods, in a well-known cultural and educational area of the city, near Piazza Santa Croce and the major monuments of Florence. Vertical Logo of Parola Italian language institute
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