One-Week Italian Language Course in Florence

A Short Language Program to Learn Italian in Florence

If you would like to have a short but intensive, quality language experience, you can opt for our one-week Italian language course in the city center of Florence.  

Parola Italian language school offers language lessons for one week in Florence, which are customized for the student who will be staying in Italy for only a short time but that shows interest in learning the Italian language. 

Discover the Italian Language or Improve your Italian While in Florence

This short language program is particularly organized for those students who desire to have one week of Italian language lessons to begin or improve their Italian while they are in Italy.

This language course can include a one-week-intensive program (20 hours) or a one-week-semi-intensive program (10 hours): the student can choose between one of them while in Florence. 

Prices Of Our One Week Language Program

We offer an affordable price, which includes language activities in Florence. The prices of our short-duration language classes cover two different formats.

One fee is for intensive training and the second is for those who wish to have a light schedule during their stay in Florence.

Price For One-Week Individual Italian Course in Florence

Here are the fees for the intensive Italian language lessons designed for individuals:

  • 1-week intensive course (20 hours) – 600 euro – includes Individual lessons and activities
  • 1-week light course (10 hours) – 300 euro – includes Individual lessons and activities

This Italian language program allows the student to study Italian and enjoy our free time activities as well.

One-Week Group Italian Language Course in Florence

For a group of at least 3 students, Parola school can arrange a group class for the one-week Italian language program as well.

Courses of different language levels begin each Monday, so depending on the student’s prior proficiency in Italian, the student can attend the most appropriate group class.

  • 1-week intensive course (20 hours) – 180 euro – Group lessons Monday through Friday from 9 to 1 pm
  • 1-week light course (10 hours) – 100 euro – Group lessons Monday through Friday from 9 to 10:45 am

Please note that any of the group activities and field trips of our language school are included in the price of the course.

What Does a One-Week Language Course Include?

The prices of our Italian courses include all the didactic material to provide the student with a complete teaching schedule of the language.

This is the material for our one-week course:

  • Grammar and Exercise books created by Parola school
  • Certificate of completion (only for the intensive course)
  • Group activities and excursions in Florence and surrounding Tuscan countryside
  • Ticket service for the Florentine museums
  • Use of computers, including Skype and Wi-Fi, as well as Italian books and DVD’s

You might also consider our survival Italian language course in Florence to enjoy Italian in a short time during your stay in Florence. 

Our language lessons are based in Florence at our headquarters in the historic center and include one-week of activities in Tuscany or in the Florentine area together with the other language students of the school.

As for Accommodation For A Short Language Program

As for accommodation, for the course of a week, the school reserves the right to give the availability for the stay. Apartment owners find it difficult to reserve a place for only one week, so our school cannot guarantee a place for this short time duration.

Our school recommends that the student find an accommodation on his|her own in case of the one-week language program. Of course, Parola can give suggestions as far as hotel and “Bed and breakfast” in Florence are concerned. 

Contact Parola Italian Language School

Please contact our Italian language school for more information about our one-week language program.