Learn Italian in Pistoia, which is a town in Central Tuscany not that far from Florence.

Italian Language Courses in Pistoia with Parola

Piazza Duomo in Pistoia

Learn the Italian Language in Pistoia, in The Heart of Tuscany

Parola Italian language institute offers individual programs to learn Italian in Pistoia, a small town centrally-located in the heart of Tuscany, about 30 km (20 miles) from Florence.

The Italian language program in Pistoia allows the student to live in a mid-size town located in Tuscany while still remaining within easy travel distance (50 minutes by train) to Florence.

These Italian language lessons in the historical center of Pistoia are designed to fulfill student requests for lessons in a city with less tourists than in Florence, but at the same time offering cultural and historical interest.

Note: Our language courses are held at the student's home. Parola school provides books and its teacher but does not have a headquarters in Pistoia.

Contact Parola For Language Lessons in Pistoia

Contact the headquarters of Parola Italian language school in Florence for further information on our individually-tailored Italian language lessons in Pistoia.

Perfect Location in The Center of Tuscany For Learning Italian

Pistoia is a tranquil Tuscan town located in heart of one of the most picturesque regions of Italy. This beautiful city is a perfect place to proficiently learn Italian through our language program.

The courses in Pistoia are held in an atmosphere which allows students to learn and practice Italian in the friendly and accommodating atmosphere of this hospitable town.

Duration and Prices of an Individual Italian Language Course in Pistoia

The one-on-one Italian language courses in Pistoia are typically structured for a duration of 2 weeks. Parola school's courses in Pistoia are offered as individual courses; therefore, it is possible to arrange courses for an alternate time frame (i.e. 3 or 4 weeks), upon request.

Contact us in Florence for detailed information.

Prices of the Individual Courses in Pistoia


Italian Course "Piano"

2 hours per day - 1 week (10 hours)

€ 300

Italian Course "Piano" - 1

2 hours per day - 2 weeks (20 hours)

€ 550

Students may also consult our individual Italian language courses in Florence to choose alternate language programs suitable to their individual needs. In Pistoia, Parola teaches individual Italian courses for students of all ages.

Starting Dates in Pistoia

Contact our language school in Florence for the starting dates of the Italian language courses in Pistoia.

History and Culture of Pistoia

Pistoia came into prominence during the middle ages, so for this reason, the city still maintains many outstanding monuments dating back to the thirteenth and fourteenth century.

Pistoia contains various important works of art and culture while still preserving a traditional lifestyle of outdoor markets and local artisans. However, most notably, Pistoia retains a friendly disposition and hospitality that is more difficult to find in the more popular tourist destinations of Florence, Venice or Rome.

The city center of Pistoia in Tuscany Pistoia's Baptistry in Tuscany Piazza della sala in Pistoia in Tuscany Pozzo Leoncino in Pistoia Pistoia City Hall in Tuscany

For further information on the history and location of Pistoia, contact the Parola Italian language school in Florence.

Further Information About the Individual Italian Language Program in Pistoia
  • On the first day of class, the student will take an informal test to evaluate his or her appropriate level.

  • The group school activities provided by Parola are only available in Florence, but all students are invited to participate in the group activities as Pistoia is just a short train ride away.

Contact to Book an Individual Italian Language Course in Pistoia

To register, please contact the office of Parola Italian language school.

Feel free to ask any questions about Pistoia before enrolling for our Italian language course at the Parola Language Institute in Florence.

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