Learn Italian in Florence and the ancient engraving techniques of Florentine artists

Italian And Engraving Techniques in Florence

Florentine Ancient Traditions With Florentine Art Masters at Armadillo School

Parola language school holds Italian language courses in the historic center of Florence in combination with engraving technique lessons as well. This supplementary program is aimed to offer our students old and fascinating Florentine traditions after their school time in order to make their stay in Florence a unique, incomparable experience. 

Parola cooperates with an art and engraving school that is specialized on classic and ancient Florentine art techniques: Associazione L’Armadillo Atelier.

When you go to the Armadillo laboratory, you will know the ancient Florentine tradition of the engraving by working closely with masters of long experience.

Engraving Techniques and Other Important Art Methodologies

A jump in the glorious past of Florence's “Art Bottega”!

The calcographic techniques are based on the processing of a matrix, which can be of different materials, using the tools of the trade. Then the matrix is inked, cleaned and printed on paper using hand presses.

During the course, you can approach some engraving techniques such as etching, drypoint, aquatint, soft ground etching, xylography. The course is open to everyone, both beginners and connoisseurs.

Tools for ancient engraving techniques








Program of the Engraving Course

  • Introduction to the technique with historical and artistic notes
  • Drawing preparation
  • Preparation of the matrix
  • Engraving on the matrix
  • Inking and cleaning
  • Printing on paper with a hand press


Basic materials are provided

Time and Attendance

12 hours

(3 hours a day for 4 lessons to attend at maximum in one month, according to the teacher)

Location of The School in Florence

Associazione L’Armadillo Atelier

Via del Porcellana, 51R – 50123 Firenze - Tel. 055 0461654 – 333 7121560

Email: larmadillo51r@gmail.com - www.armadilloatelier51r.com

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