Italian and Cooking Lessons in Florence at Parola

Study Italian And Learn How to Cook in Florence

Parola Italian language school offers a combined language course with cooking lessons in the afternoon in Florence.

This special course consists of Italian language training and cooking lessons given in Italian, which include the following elements on a weekly basis:

Note: our Italian language and cuisine program can be expanded over 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

What Do We Teach in Our Italian Cooking Lessons

The cooking lessons include some of the most famous and delicious recipes of Italian cuisine: ravioli, pizza, gelato, tiramisù, and regional cuisine, as well as wine tasting upon request.

See the prices of the Italian language classes, which have to be added to our standard language courses in Florence.

Practice the Italian Language and Cooking in Florence

Students who take this special Italian cooking course will have the opportunity to see how traditional Italian recipes are prepared.

Moreover, they will practice hands-on learning for many Italian recipes. The students will learn to cook in one of two local workshops in Florence.

Parola school also offers a special online cooking course with an expert Italian cook. Her name is Gaia Cozzi, she is Florentine and has been teaching Italian cooking for many years.  

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Cost of an Italian Language And Cooking Combined Course

The prices of our Italian language and cuisine program are given per week. The cost of one Italian and a cooking class includes 2 hours of Italian grammar at Parola school each weekday and 2 hours of cooking on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a workshop in Florence or online with an Italian cook. 

In addition to that, at our school, the Italian language course with cooking lessons can last for 1 – 3 weeks or more.

Please remember that the Italian language courses with cooking lessons are held both at Parola as well as in the workshop of a master chef, or online.

Price of the Cooking Lessons of Italian Food

Price of Our Italian Language Courses in Florence


Total Price of the Combined Lessons. Italian and Cooking

Materials For The Course

Materials for the Italian language and cuisine program include:

  • Original Italian grammar and exercise books
  • Printed recipes to keep for future use
  • All of the materials needed for food preparation
  • Notebook and pen

Contact Parola for further information on our language and cooking program in Florence.

Contact Parola Italian Language School in Florence

For more detailed information regarding our Italian tutoring in combination with cooking lessons, please contact Parola’s head office in Florence.