Parola Italian language school provides teachers or students with a language teaching methodology course in Florence.

Language Teaching Methodology at Parola School

Books to learn Italian in a class

A Methodology Course For Language Teachers

Parola language school has set up a language methodology program that aims to help out teachers to be proficient and well-instructed for Italian teaching.

Teaching Methodology For Teachers of Italian as a Second Language

Parola Italian language school offers a 2-week course of language training methodology of foreign languages at its headquarters in Florence.

In particular, our language methodology of didactics for languages is focused on Italian training. This special training course on italian language teaching introduces the most important methods to teach Italian as a second language to foreign students.

Our methodology classes in Italy are divided in:

  1. One introductory part - held in the first week of the course

  2. A dedicated part, which is in the second week

  3. Focuses on the variety of methods in language didactics

  4. Final conclusion with a teaching methodology review

  5. Teaching practice at our Italian language school

This teaching methodology is for foreign teachers who want to fine tune their methods of teaching through special master classes in Italy: in contact with native Italian language teachers.

Please, contact us for more information on our didactics methodology in Florence.

Cost For The Teaching Methodology Lessons in Florence

The teaching methodology classes are guaranteed to those foreign organizations that would like to have their teachers updating on didactics in Italian language in Florence.

These agencies or Italian language institutes have to get in touch with the Parola Italian school in Italy to get to know better our teaching methods in Florence.

Our free time activities and the prices for a two-week course of teaching methodology in the historic center of Florence.

Literature For Our Courses

The Italian school Parola uses the following books of pedagogy for its language course on learning methodology in Italy:

  • Methodology of Foreign Languages for Adults and Young Students, University Ca' Foscari, Venice, Italy

  • Bachman,1990, Fundamental Considerations in Language Testing, Oxford

  • Balboni P. E.,1985, Tecniche didattiche e processi di apprendimento linguistico, Torino, Leviana-UTET, Torino

  • Pallotti, G., 1998, La Seconda Lingua, Bompiani, Milano

Dates of The Italian Language Methodology Training in Florence

Dates of our Italian methodology courses in Florence to teach Italian as a second language might vary according to students' availability.

Our two-week methodology course in Florence can be arranged in cooperation with Parola Italian language school.

Contact For Further Information on Methodology

Please, contact the Italian language school Parola in Italy to get information on the Italian language methodology classes in Florence.

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