Discover our social networks. Parola language school works mostly with Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

Parola Italian language school and Its social networks

Desk of Parola Italian language school in Florence

The Social networks of Our Language School in Florence

Discover the Italian language school Parola's social networks to learn about our Italian course in Florence and the learning experience in Florence of former students. Give your opinion and share your photos. Post your videos or post your pictures of Florence.

In addition to that, a student can keep in touch with Parola's students who have attended our Italian language courses in Florence.

Please, write your ideas and impressions about studying and living in Florence. Review our language school if you want and then talk with former students through our social networks. Using our social networks you can get updated information about Parola's language programs in Florence.

Parola and Its Social Networks

Use what you've learned in school Parola, using our social networks.


Facebook is the most used social network: Like us


Twitter is a free service of social network and microblogging: Follow us


Linkedin is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community: Follow us


Google Plus is the Google social network that especially used for business. Add us to your cycle


You Tube is the second most used search engine in the world: Subscribe to our channel to see some videos of our italian classes


Our Blog where you can write about your experience in Florence: Visit our page and write us

What do you think about your stay in Florence? Start writing about it.

Contact Us for Further Information Regarding Our Social Networks

For any further explanation about our social networks, contact Parola Italian language school in Florence.

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