Parola offers a good variety of weekly activities in the center of Florence and in Tuscany as well.

Activities with Parola Italian Language School

Parola school's students touring in Tuscany

Free of Charge Recreational Activities at Parola in Florence

Parola Italian language school organizes a certain number of activities - almost every day during the summer time - after the Italian language courses in Florence.

Our language institute promotes students' appreciation of Italian culture, architecture, Italian food, and as a consequence the Italian way of life in Florence.

Appreciate the Italian Culture Through Educational Activities

Parola Italian language school achieves this through school events and activities for free. Parola school wants students to appreciate the entire region of Tuscany, rather than just the historic center in Florence.

Outdoor Activities for a Remarkable Experience in Italy

Our school likes organizing outdoor activities to showcase the beauty of Italy, particularly Tuscany and Florence as to stimulate students both linguistically and culturally.

No Charge For Free Time Activities in Florence

Generally, students pay only for transportation and rentals, nothing else. Contact Parola Italian School for further information on our social activities after school in Florence.

Playing cards Farewell party with students students in Montecatini

Entertaining Activities at School

The school has extra-curricular activities. Music, readings and games. It is all held in our headquarters in the center of Florence. Here, students are playing with Tuscan cards.

Drinks With Students

Usually, every couple of weeks, there is a welcome drink , every two weeks there is a farewell drink. These are done to allow students to socialize.

Small Places Around Tuscany

The school selects small places or little towns to enjoy the real taste of Tuscany life. Parola goes to locations such as Chianti, the spa town of Montecatini or other villages.

Aperitivo at coffee shop Drinks after courses Students at Italian restaurant

"Aperitivo" With Students

This is a group students taking an "aperitivo". What is an Italian "Aperitivo" ? It is customary to pay for a drink and dine on an Italian buffet. That's an Italian "Aperitivo"!

Nights at The Disco in Florence

Florence offers a variety of night places in order to spend some time with friends and to meet other students, while dancing and having fun.

Dinners at Restaurants

Some of our students in front of a pizzeria. We really think that a language course is also a time to enjoy what is best in Italy. Without a doubt, Italian food is superb!

Wine tasting School Internet Point Girls smiling at their final day in Florence

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Wine tasting is one of the greatest experience for students who learn Italian. It is a way to get to know part of our cultural and also to have fun with friends.

Bike Ride With The School

The school Parola organizes bike ride in the parks of Florence: The Cascine and the Albereta Park. Our Italian school goes for walks on the old Florentine streets.

Pot-Luck Dinner in Florence

As part of our Italian family, students participate in a pot-luck dinner at our school

Italian drink in Florence School at Santa Croce Church Visit at leahter school in Florence
Drinks After the School Courses

Usually, teachers guide students to recommended places around the school. The coffee shops and restaurants they recommend are among the most popular in the city.

Cultural Visits in Florence

Parola also organizes cultural visits and tours around the center of Florence. It provides cultural and historical information on Florence.

Visits by Artisans

The school also organizes visits to some of the most renowned artisans of Florence. Here, there are some students at the leather school inside the S. Croce Church in Florence.

Free Time Activities With Other Student Tour Organization And Parola Language School

Parola school cooperates with tour organizations in Florence. They provide free time activities as well as day and weekend trips in Italy. In fact, trips include some of the most relevant art and cultural places in Italy such as Rome, Venice, Verona and Assisi. Parola school also organize with tour organizations in Florence particular events such as going to soccer games, disco nights or visits to the beautiful coast of Cinque Terre.

Contact For Further Information On Our Free Time Activities

Contact Parola Italian language institute for further information on our activities after school.

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