Reach Parola Italian language school in the historic center of Florence with a bus, a train or on foot.

Locating Parola Language School in Florence

The main entrance of the Italian language school Parola

How to Reach The Parola Italian Language School in Florence

Parola Italian language school is centrally-located in Florence, so it can easily be reached by taxi, bus, bicycle or by a pleasant walk through the charming streets of the historical center.

Its very convenient location affords students many options to easily reach the school no matter where they choose to stay in Florence.

Landmarks Nearby Parola School in Florence

To reach our language school, students can use the train station as an easy reference point. The Florence train station SMN (Santa Maria Novella) is an excellent starting point since it is the hub for taxis and buses in the Florentine area.

Also, the school is very close to Santa Croce Church, so Piazza Santa Croce is a perfect landmark to use to reach us.

Contact Parola Before Your Arrival in Florence

Parola language school provides students with all the necessary information for easily locating our language institute prior to arrival in Florence.

For students who would like more information about arriving in Florence and reaching Parola school using the city transportation system, please see below or contact us.

Reaching The Parola Italian Language School by Bus

Parola Italian language school is headquartered in Borgo Santa Croce, building number 4, which is located near two main roads, Corso Tintori and the renowned Via dei Benci.

Parola school sits in the heart of the historic district of Santa Croce, named for the famous church located just one block away. Additionally, our language institute is only two blocks from the Uffizi and Piazza della Signoria, additional important historical sites, in the heart of the city.

Locating Parola School from The Airport or Train Station of Florence

If arriving to Florence by air, a shuttle bus is available from the Florence "Amerigo Vespucci" Airport. Parola language school also assists in providing transfers from the airport to students' accommodation in Florence.

If arriving to Florence by train to the Florence Santa Maria Novella terminal, students can take city buses: #13, #14 or #23A.

Note: The school is located in the area of Santa Croce near the street Via de' Benci, so it is convenient to be dropped off at the Palazzo Spinelli bus stop.

Public Transportation Services in Florence

Florence's bus transportation company is called ATAF and has its hub at the main transportation terminal of Florence, Santa Maria Novella. Students who wish to use the bus transportation may want to browse the ATAF web site to see timetables and bus itineraries of the Florentine city center area prior to arrival.

Below is the bus transportation route from the central railway station - Stazione Santa Maria Novella - to Borgo Santa Croce, 4 - Florence. It takes approximately 25 minutes to arrive at Parola school by bus from the SMN train station.

ATAF Bus Transportation in Florence

To check bus schedules and routes on the ATAF web site - Prior to your arrival, please email your itinerary for arrival to Parola school and we will ensure the transportation connections are correct.

Locate Parola School on The Florence City Map

Our language school is located in the heart of the historic center of Florence.

View Parola in a larger map.
Taking a Taxi to Parola Italian Language School

A student can also take a taxi to reach our Italian institute. The cost of a taxi from the station of SMN to Santa Croce is approximately 10 euro.

Contact To Reach Parola Italian Language School

You can always contact our office to receive more personalized information to reach the Parola school via e-mail or phone at this number: 0039 055 242 182. When calling from outside Italy, you will be required to use the international code for Italy, which is: 0039.

We look forward to getting to know you in Florence!

Parola Italian school computers


The corridor before Parola school's reception


It is easy to find the Italian school Parola. It is close to Piazza della Signoria and the Uffizi, just one block from S. Croce!

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