Learn Italian idiomatic expressions and the slang words of Italian language with Parola school.

Course of Italian Idiomatic Expressions in Florence

Learn How to Use Italian Idiomatic Expressions And Informal Words

Our school offers an Italian language course focused on idiomatic expressions and slang words to be taken both as a supplementary course or in combination with a standard Italian language course of our school.

When learning a language, its informal expressions and certain dialectal forms can be a way to deepen the knowledge of a culture. This course aims to broaden the phraseology of everyday language with idioms, slang phrases, and informal words.

Use of Technology to Learn Idioms and Media

Our teachers will employ the use of internet, audio recordings, and some movie excerpts, allowing students to learn informal expressions and idiomatic phrases that Italians use on a daily basis.

These expressions are ususally not taught in a normal standard language courses, whereas this course will focus on idioms and phraseology, thus filling the vocabulary gap. Many students will find this knowledge useful while living in Italy.

Prices for Courses of Idiomatic Italian and Slang Words

Group Italian Language Course

The group Italian language course focused on Italian idiomatic expressions can be started with 2 students only.

6 hours, 3 times (one week duration)

€90 for a week

Movies, Internet, CD and music. Recorder and slides.

Standard Individual Course

€180 for a week

6 hours of lessons, 3 times. (one week duration)

Use of the internet, CDs and music. Recorder and slides.

For more detailed information on our lessons about idioms and informal expressions, please contact us in Florence.

The language course can be extended to another week in order to cover, in detail, expressions of Italian movies, TV series and of dialect forms.

About This Language Course of Parola School

The course of Italian idiomatic expressions of the school is designed to provide students with idioms of the Italian language in order to have an Italian even more refined and expressive.

The learning methodology will be supported by teaching materials covering music, movies and internet use.

With our professor, you can arrange a specific educational program to have words, phrases and idiomatic expressions to use in a given context.

The student will especially learn many expressions of everyday speech, which are often expressive forms that are part of real Italian with its informality and many slang words of daily life.

Further Information About Our Idiomatic Italian Course in Florence

For more information, please contact Parola Italian language school in Florence.

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