Parola school offers an Italian language course with Chinese language support to help China students to learn Italian with less difficulties.

Italian Language Courses in Chinese at Parola

Chinese student learns Italian language with an Italian

Individual Italian Language Lessons in Chinese at Parola

Parola Italian language school offers a special Italian language course taught in Chinese at its headquarters in Florence.

These language programs in chinese are used to help understanding the important and relevant rules of Italian grammar at its first stages to all Chinese students who want to have some help in their mother tongue.

Italian to Absolute Beginners From China

Absolute beginners students from China, Chinese managers, Chinese business men or all kind of students might benefit from our Italian language course in Chinese, which is held at our headquarters in the historic center of Florence.

Parola Italian language school offers an Italian first level course with Chinese explanations and handouts in Mandarin to help out China students with a language - Italian - that is becoming more and more important for all business transactions between Italy and China.

Italian and the Italian culture in general are very requested for the appeal that Italy has for Chinese society, and for Chinese tourism that is becoming a relavant business in Italy.

Price of an Italian Language Course in Chinese

Usually, Italian language courses with Chinese explanations are one-to-one lessons and each hour will cost 30 euros.

Our Italian language school provides handouts and extra educational material about Italy. Parola Italian language school also offers free time activities for free in Florence for all its international students.

In case there might be a group of students, more than 3, that want to do an Italian language class in Chinese, the school Parola can organize a group Italian language course of this type.

Price List of our Language Lessons in Chinese

Individual Italian language course in Chinese:

  • 30 euros per hour

  • Group Italian language course in Chinese: 15 euros per hour

Please, contact Parola school in case you are interested in this type of Italian language program to see the availability of our language programs in Chinese language.

Why Learning Italian Language Using Chinese

There is a variety of reasons why Italian language students who come from eastern countries might need to be linguistically supported with Chinese:

  • Business men from China who need to learn Italian in a short amount of time

  • Absolute beginners from China who may have difficulties in approaching Italian language

  • Young Chinese students - at the beginning of their Italian language learning - who need a basic language support with Mandarin to feel more familiar with the Italian idiom

  • All Chinese students who might find it easier to begin with a language support in Mandarin

  • Chinese children belogin to Chinese Families

  • Chinese individuals who are working in tourism between Italy and China

  • Chinese companies who have associates or managers who need to learn Italian

  • Chinese tour guides who may benefit from learning Italian for their job

Three Participants to Activate a Group Italian Language Course in Chinese

The Group Italian language course in Chinese can only be activated with at least 3 participants.

In case, there is not the right number of students but only one Chinese student, the price of the Italian course with Chinese will cost 30 euros with handouts, certificate and other materials to learn Italian with the Chinese language.

Contact Parola Language School in Florence

Contact us for further information and details about our Italian language lessons with Chinese support at our headquarters in Florence.

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