Get further Information for Au Pairs who want work and learn Italian in Italy with Parola Italian language school in Florence.

Information On the Programs For Au Pairs in Italy

Au-Pairs in Florence

A Language Course For Au Pairs to Work and Enjoy Italy

During their daily job in an Italian family in Tuscany, Au Pairs can spend useful and rewarding time attending an Italian language course at Parola Italian language school in Florence.

Our Au Pair Italian courses are recommended to caretakers so that they may better understand and communicate in Italian with Tuscan families.

An Italian language course is very important for Au Pairs who are not native Italian speakers; the Au Pair language courses at Parola help caretakers better interact with Italian families and the children under their care in Italy. The times and prices of our Au Pair language program are adjusted to fit the needs of the caretakers.

Documents to Work in Italy

See the necessary documents for an Au Pair job in Florence. For further information on our Italian language program for Au Pairs, call Parola Italian Language School at +39 055 242 182.

Au Pair Age Requirements in the European Union

According to the EU law, to work as an Au Pair you must be between 18 and 30 years old.

Host Families for Au Pairs in Italy

Au Pairs in Florence

First of all, it is mandatory that an Au Pair host-family includes at least one child that is a minor who still lives at home.

An Au Pair host-family must also regularly reside in Italy. These families usually consist of a husband, wife, and a child/ children, or they can be a single-parent household.

Essentially, someone who lives alone with no children cannot be considered as a host family for Au Pair students.

Payment For Au Pair Language Courses at Parola School

The total course price for an Au Pair Italian language course at our school must be paid on or before the first day of class.

On our enrollment page, payment guidelines for our Italian language courses are available.

Free Activities with Parola Italian Language School

Free, educational activities organized by our school are available to all students, including those in our Au Pair program. The only expenses a student pays out-of-pocket are public transportation expenses and museum tickets when necessary.

Trips in Tuscany And Italy

Parola also organizes optional trips outside of Florence. For these outward journeys, students are required to pay for their transportation costs. Sometimes, Parola works with an outside tour company to make travel plans for our students. Should students attend these trips, the payment will be made to the tour agency.

Documents For an Au Pair Job in Italy

Documents only valid in the EU

It is necessary to produce the following documents:

  • Valid permit of residence

  • Photocopy of passport

For further information regarding our Italian language courses for Au Pairs, please contact our school office in Florence.

Financial Requirements For Au Pair Agencies in Italy

In order to work for an Au Pair agency (and to be applicable for a work VISA), an Au Pair must have sufficient financial resources to support themselves for their first week here and enough money to purchase a return ticket to their country of origin.

To obtain a work VISA in Italy, the following documents are required:

  • Completed application form for an entry visa

  • Recent, passport-style photo

  • Valid documents proving that the Au Pair is working in Italy for at least 3 months

Please note, however, that the embassy and the Italian consulate reserve the right to request further documentation and that providing all of this documentation does not ensure that one will receive an Italian work VISA.

Health Care for Au Pair Students in Italy

For information regarding the validity of health insurance from your country of origin, contact the Italian consulate in your home country. This is how one can obtain the Italian foreign policy regarding the validity of foreign health insurance coverage, including the duration of validity in Italy.

An Au Pair should also be aware of the risks of an incomplete registration for their permit of stay. We recommend that students update and renew their permit in order to avoid problems with the Italian law.

An Au Pair who does not have valid health insurance in Italy can apply for coverage from our National Health Service.

The documents needed to register for our school are:

  • Valid permission to stay / residence card

  • Completed application form for the Italian National Health Service

  • Completed enrollment form for our Italian school in Florence

  • A signed letter of work and residency from the host family of the Au Pair

Contact Us for Further Information Regarding Au Pair Work and Language Study in Florence

For any further explanation, contact Parola Italian language school in Florence. Au Pairs in Florence and Tuscany can also call our language school directly at: 0039 055 242 182.

Parola will provide Au Pairs with information on our Italian language courses for Au Pairs in Florence.

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